Of all the meat in a cow what has the highest concentration of Iron?



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    The liver is actually the part of the animal with the highest concentration of iron.  In 100 grams, there are 6.1 mg of iron.  Ground beef is the next type of red meat with the highest concentration, containing 3.2 mg of iron in 100 grams.  Of course, as with any cut of meat, the leaner it is, the better it is for you so watch out on fat content with the ground beef! 

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    To add on to rn4fldhcky’s answer.  The cut of beef with the lowest fat concentration will consist of the highest iron concentration.  The top three leanest cuts of beef are as follows:

    1. top round
    2. eye of round
    3. round tip

    These cuts are likely to have the highest concentration of iron.

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