In all honesty, what should I eat for dinner to be the most sustainable this very second?



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    People argue that being vegan is more sustainable than eating meet, but I tend to disagree with this. Locally grown organic food however is better for the environment. Locally grown food will help bolster your local economy, plus it doesn’t have to be transported as far so less CO2 is emitted when it is taken from pt A to pt B.

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    Yes, organically grown food is better than food produced from factory farms.  However, vegan and vegetarian diets are in fact far better for the environment than eating meat (not meet). Being veg is healthy for the body, saves land, and saves energy. The food and energy used to keep animals alive and house them simply in order to keep them is far out of proportion with what we get from the finished product.  Below are a couple of many links to check out.

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