With all the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are vegetarian people in general more healthy than meat eaters?



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    Yes, most fruits and vegetables are very healthy for the average person.  But, there are many constituents to living a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. 

    First off, one must continue to eat a well-balanced diet once going meatless.  This means one must get one’s protein from more unconventional choices such as beans, tofu/soy-products, and eggs (if one so chooses to eat them). 

    Secondly, vegetarians must not rely on starchy foods, like potatoes, or processed foods, for their dietary needs.  If one eats a nice mix of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein, one will be very healthy.

    Meat eaters are not necessarily less healthy than vegetarians because a meat eater may eat a balanced diet regularly and a vegetarian may rely on fried or processed foods.  If a meat eater chooses to eat fast food chicken nuggets, rather than lean grilled chicken breast, that person will not be as healthy.  Meat eaters need to eat just as many servings of fruit and vegetables a day that vegetarians do.  Vegetarians simply choose a different protein.

    While fruits and vegetables are very healthy for everyone, what matters most is that one achieves a good balance of all types of food groups, and does not indulge in too many saturated/trans fats and simple carbohydrates.

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    You can just as easily be an unhealthy vegetarian as you can be an unhealthy meat eater.  A vegetarian can eat ice cream for dinner every night and quickly become overweight or sick.  A person needs about 50 grams of protein per day, meat being one of the easy ways to obtain that demand.  If meat is not in your diet, it is important to supplement protein in other ways, like diary or soy, or one will quickly develop a protein deficiency.  It is all in the choices of food.  If you are a vegetarian, it is also a good idea to take vitamin B supplements.

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