Is all beach sand the same?



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    Yes and no. All beach sand is made up of the same things. Traces of rocks and minerals that have been crushed into tiny grains by the crashing waves for millions of years. However, different sands can be made from different types of rock or have different compounds within it. For instance, Hawaii’s beaches are a high percentage of volcanic rock since that is what made the islands, where as European beaches are particles of normal, igneous rocks.

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    All beach sand is not the same.  Yes, it is true that sand is comprised of stuff that is found in the ocean, but depending on location, there can be different things in the water or even in the surroundings that alter what the sand is made of.  When I visited Hilo, Hawai’i, I visited a beach where the sand was made completely of lave rock.  The locals referred to it as the Black Sand Beach.  The lava rock had been crushed up so fine that it had the consistency of any other type of sand, but it was black.

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