Is algae the most versatile bio fuel?



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    Hemp may be the most versatile biofuel because the plant can be used for so many other things, and is more environmentally friendly than corn, palm oil, sugar beet and other crops traditionally associated with biofuels. Hemp can be grown in virtually any climate, and actually strengthens and replenishes the soil. Other hemp uses include food products, paper, building materials, medicine, cloth and rope.

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    As a bio fuel, the term versatile doesn’t really apply. Algae’s versatility is its ability to serve as a sustainable tool in a variety of capacities, including its conversion into bio-fuels without competing with food crops, and its function as a large carbon sink.

    As far as bio-fuels go, bio diesel – which can be made from algae – is the most versatile and can be used in many combustion engines with minimal adjustment

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