Is Alaska developing a lot right now?



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    Please clarify your question as what type of development you are referring to: there are housing, argicultural, coastal, cultural, etc. developments.

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      I was kind of wondering if their population is growing fast right now. If their cities are getting bigger with more commercial buildings. I guess I should have said more “urban” maybe that would have been better phrasing. Anyway any help or insight into this would be appreciated.

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      Thanks, Jeer. There was a study done by US Geological Survey in 2003 (nothing really scietific since then, so we can only guess) and here is a little abstract from the article. If you would like to view the entire article, I am posting the link at the bottom.

      “The spatial extent of the study was 31,117 hectares. In the early 1970’s, approximately 7,356 hectares (24%) of the study area were mapped as urban developed. During the 30-year analysis period, the largest increase in urban development occurred between the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when urban area increased to 12,263 hectares (39%). Between 1980 and 1990, and 1990 and 2000, urban area increased to 12,762 hectares (41%), and 13,980 hectares (45%) respectively. Most development occurred in forested or tall shrub areas, although some also occurred in wetlands. Between 1970 and 2000, close to 1,300 hectares of wetlands were lost due to development. Contrary to this, the amount of lake and pond area increased slightly from 261 hectares in 1973 to 334 hectares in 1980, and reduced to 310 hectares by 2000. The increase was primarily due to the filling in of gravel pits with spring melt water”

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