Is Al Gore the most sustainable American?



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    I would venture to say no. He is definitely a voice assosciated with sustainability, and living green, however with all the plane rides, driving, and constant movement for conferences and such, he actually has quite a carbon footprint. I would say these people ( are some of the more sustainable Americans.

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    Although Al Gore is in favor of sustainability, determining exactly who the most sustainable individual American is is a very difficult task. Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his raising people’s awareness regarding man-made climate change, and he also won the 2007 Sustainable Development Award. According to American Environics, the greenest Americans make up 9 percent of the population. Their worldview on the environment is “Everything is connected, and our daily actions have an impact on the environment.” From what Al Gore has said, he seems to fit into this category. Daily actions are extremely important in terms of actually being green. It is one thing to believe that our daily actions have an impact on the environment, but people must also live in a sustainable manner in order to be considered sustainable. Since it is difficult to track exactly how individuals conduct every aspect of their daily lives, I do not think that just one individual can be named the most sustainable.

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