Is air fresheners good or bad for the environment?



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    It depends on how they are made. If you get a bunch of natural ingredients together — and make sure they are harvested sustainably — and make an air freshener out of them, then you are not going to harm the environment in the slightest (you might even help it if you are planting plants that give off a nice scent but also purify the air)… BUT if your favorite air freshener company uses harmful chemicals in the process of manufacturing them, then you are not supporting the “green” cause. I’d say they cheaper ones are somewhat harmful, because they probably bleach the paper and use lots of water and energy in the manufacturing process; but natural products like potpourri are probably not too harmful… But all in all, I’d say, in the grand scheme of things, how are air fresheners are manufactures is not as high on the list of environmental concerns as where are energy is coming from (or why we are using so much, when we are perfectly capable of providing all the energy we need ourselves…) and how we are using our natural resources to their fullest potential and not allowing things to go needlessly to waste. But at the same time, every but counts and if there is a way to do air fresheners the eco-friendly way, I’m sure some day soon somebody is going to capture that market!

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