After taking a shower, you notice that small droplets of water cover the mirror. Explain how this happens.Be sure to describe where the water comes from and the changes it goes through.



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    The source of the water is the shower. It saturates the air with water vapor (increases relative humidity) as well as warms it up, enabling it to hold more moisture. (increases absolute humidity). If the air is sufficiently colder than the water stream, a mist will form as the water vapor condenses into tiny droplets. This mist as well as humidity in the air is carrier by it around the bathroom, including to the mirror. The glass surface is usually much colder than the air warmed up by the shower, so the water will condense on it, making it “foggy”. This is the same dew formation process that results in wet grass on summer mornings or makes glasses misty when coming into a warm room from the cold.

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    This sounds like a quiz question from your school. The least you should do is re-phrase it into your own words.

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