After the State of the Union when do you think we will get a climate bill passed?



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    I doubt anyone could say with any bit of certainty when such a bill would pass. The House passed their bill last summer, but the Senate has been taking their time. In November, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved a climate bill with absolutely no Republican support, but since then, it’s been an uphill climb to even get some Democrats in board. Senators Kerry (D – Mass.), Graham (R – SC) and Lieberman (I – Conn.) wrote a bipartisan bill, but it really does not do enough to address climate change. In addition to the several delays on the climate bill, Congress is still focused on passing Health Care and they have already been tasked to look at policy regarding Education. I have also read reports that they’ll look at Immigration issues next. Who knows where the climate bill will fit in all of this.

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