After a natural disaster do we use GM food to help out?



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    Potentially yes. Food aid from the US is often sent in the form of shipments of corn. A lot of our corn carries one of a couple of different genetically engineered traits, and it all gets mixed together in grain elevators unless we know in advance to separate out the non-genetically engineered corn, which obviously wouldn’t be possible when responding to a famine (plus segregating non-genetically engineered corn adds to the price, meaning we could only be able to afford a smaller amount of food for the same number of aid dollars.)

    This can cause problems. For example in Zimbabwe during a very hard famine in 2002 the country refused to accept food aid from the US until the corn was ground up into corn meal so it couldn’t be planted. They were afraid that if there was any GM corn grown in their country they would no longer be able to export food to Europe, which is strongly opposed to genetically engineered crops, after the famine was over. 

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