After the Fukushima disaster do you think the United States should abort their nuclear power program?



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    I’ve had this conversation with multiple people.  A lot of people say that until we invest in a cleaner energy other than nuclear, it is not feasible to cut off our supply of nuclear power.  This may be true, but this just sounds like a problem that concerns our ability to commit to other sources of energy like wind and solar.  If you’re asking for an opinion, I would say you can talk about feasibility all you want, or aruge it provides a cleaner energy than other energy sources like coal or petroleum, or is less expensive than wind or solar to produce….but when you consider the lasting effects of a nuclear meltdown – and there is always a risk of a meltdown – then it just seems obvious that the risk is not worth its “reward.”  Please see the link for more information.

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    The Fukomine plant was built in a dangerous spot and didn’t adhere as rigidly to safety as it could have. The meltdown means we need to be more rigorous with our safety — we shouldn’t cut useful programs with high upside because of a single piece of anecdotal evidence. A disaster every few decades does not offset the benefit.

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    I think it is pretty silly to entertain the idea of abandoning any technology because of a single (or even multiple) accidents. If we did, we would not operate commercial aircraft, we would not allow cars to be driven (far more deaths from car accidents than from nuclear accidents), we would not operate any mines, we would not construct buildings – we would basically not do anything.

    So, bottom line, I’m agreeing with dtsang.

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    I believe the disaster in Fukushima is an indicator that everyone responsible for the production of nuclear power must be willing to take responsibility for any weaknesses the systems may bear in the future.

    The disasters that took place in Japan should be a sign that we are all extremely vulnerable and should be prepared for the worst at a moments notice. I don’t believe it should deter us from taking advantage of the technologies available to us, I do believe this is the opportune time to take advantage of the time and resources we have available to us.

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