After the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, should the next be the Environmental or Sustainable Revolution?



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    Yeah, that’d be good (and we need it now and soon and fast — some say before 2014 or 2016 — we’ll have to cut our carbon emissions by then or else we will have done irreversible damage)! When I was a kid I predicted we’d have an Electronics Revolution, which would make it so everyone in the world would be able to afford a computer and all the electronic goods we need, but what we really need is a total revolution where the world’s evil (pollution / hate / ignorance) is replaced by good (sustainability / love / shared knowledge)… it’s going to take a worldwide effort (and hopefully technology and the good nature of humankind in general will make this a possibility)… So perhaps the Electronics Revolution has already occurred and the next step is to use our shared knowledge to address the worlds problems, and one issue we definitely need to address is climate change / environmental degradation — so a Sustainable / Green Revolution is the obvious choice! (But what about a de-militaristic revolution / a Peaceful Revolution!?)

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    Probably, if we want to have any further Revolutions. If not we’re probably not going to be in very good shape to Revolutionize anything anymore.

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