Is Africa doing anything to bring water to every person in their countinent?



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    The short answer is yes, Africa is doing many things to combat water scarcity, both as a unified continent, and as individual nations. 

    Last November, the 2nd annual Africa Water Week and Summit was held. More information on this can be found at: &

    In addition, there are many groups also seeking to alleviate this humanitarian crisis, some based in Africa, and others based abroad.

    To see what you can do, check out:


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    Yes! There are many organizations and foundations that are trying to spread the access to clean water throughout the country. One specific example of an organization is the H2O Africa Foundation which is the clean water initiative that is part of the “Running the Sahara” expedition and film project. Basically, what the organization does is partner with other organizations to spread public awareness of the water crisis in Africa and gathering support for clean water programs in critical areas. 

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