Is acid rain bad for your skin?



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    I wouldn’t say it’s good for your skin, but the research that’s been done so far doesn’t show it having negative effects on human skin.  This isn’t too surprising when you think about how our skin is exposed to chemicals all the time – chlorine in water for example.  What can be harmful to human though in connection to acid rain is the chemicals that make up acid rain if they are in their gaseous state – SO2 and NOx.  Some scientists have linked an increase in these particles in the air to deaths caused by cardio and respiratory complications.  (ex: asthma, bronchitis)

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    You really can’t see the effects from acid rain right away.  It’s not like you’ll be walking in the rain and all of a sudden your skin will start burning.  What causes acid rain, the pollutants (Sulfer Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides), is what causes harm to one’s body such as heart and lung diseases including Asthma and Bronchitis.  

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    I think that when someone thinks of acid rain, they think of acid burning their skin…like in the movies. However, like everyone else mentioned, it usually isn’t quite this dramatic. Prolonged explosure to acid rain probably isn’t healthy, but I don’t really see any severe short term consequences from it. However, acid rain does cause many problems to the environment, which is a whole other topic of discussion. 

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