according to WHO which is the most polluted city



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    The WHO released a report this year evaluating levels of air pollution worldwide. The cities with the worst air tend to be in impoverished countries where development has not provided the relative luxury of environmental protection.  This may help to explain why the cities with the worst air are not also the most populated cities.

    1. Ahwaz, Iran

    2.  Ulan Bator, Mongolia

    3.  Sanadaj, Iran

    4.  Ludhiana, India

    5.  Quetta, Pakistan


    The common factor in these cities is poverty.  Outdated technology and poor infrastructure makes for inefficient use of resources (waste) and does not provide an operational framework for environmental protection.  Larger, more developed cities, despite having much higher populations, have much cleaner air because growth has created technological innovations which provide cleaner forms of energy.


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