Is the Abu Dhabi doing anything to be green?



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    Though the city has a huge impact on their environment from all the construction, landscaping, energy and water use, they do have several companies and organizations trying to start the move toward sustainability. The biggest seems to be the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, also known as Masdar, which is very interested in developming solar power and other carbon-neutral energy sources. They built a development in Abu Dhabi called Masdar City, which is the biggest carbon-neutral and zero-waste developed area anywhere.Check them out at the first link below.

    Another large initiative was Abu Dhabi Green, a conference that took place in 2008 and which set up programs to help new and existing businesses go green.

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    The first platinum LEED certified building in Duabi was the International Investment Bank (IIB), investment bank.  It is a twin tower building that boasts twenty three stories made up of offices and residental housing.  It makes use of solar power, green gardens, and a natural air purification process.

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