About Colorado, how did Denver get it’s name? What was it’s history?



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    If you google “History of Denver” you get about 56,000,000 hits.

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    General William Larimer named a site he claimed on a bluff overlooking the South Platte River and Cherry Creek – Denver City because the Kansas Territorial Governor’s name was James W. Denver and he hoped the Governor would make this new town the county seat of Arapaho County – that didn’t happened as the Governor had resigned and he didn’t know it.  This all occured in 1858.   Eventually in 1861 after Denver City was incorporated – it did become the county Seat until 1902.  In 1867 Denver was the Territorial Capital and became just Denver rather than Denver City.

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    An interesting fact about Golden, CO, just west of Denver – it was so named to attract miners seeking gold. However, there was actually very little gold in the town of Golden. Nonetheless, the Colorado School of Mines was established in the town in 1874 to assist various kinds of miners, including those seeking coal and other ore, which was more plentiful. The school still exists today.

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