“$750 per bird and $5,000 per otter.” WOW these numbers seem really high! Why does the process of cleaning up animals after an oil spill cost so much?

I know its expensive but I guess I just didn’t realize how expensive it was.



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    Trained professionals have to go through a seven part rescue process in order to catch and clean up the birds and mammals. They have to give all animals, live and dead, a full physical examination once they are found. The animals are then warmed, fed, hydrated, and rest for 48 hours. Then, they are washed in tubs full of diluted cleaning agent and warm water. They are then placed in pre-release conditioning pools, where they are looked after for 3 weeks to several months, depending on the condition of the animal. All of these steps together could add up to be a very costly proceedure, and even then, many animals die once they are released into the wild.

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