5 ways in which environment has been abused



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    The environment is abused in so many ways. Here are a couple of ways the environment is being damaged and mistreated. The environment’s resources are being depleted because humans are using up earth’s resources. The earth is also being polluted by human trash, industrial waste and chemical wastes. Thirdly, deforestation is stripping the earth of its  trees and plants and forcing its inhabitants to find homes elsewhere. Another destruction caused by humans is the depletion of the ozone layer  which is caused by man-made chemicals such as cholofluorocarbons. Another way the environment is abused is the extinction of species. The earth is filled with many different types of organisms and since the beginning of time man has killed animals for food, but now creatures are not only killed for food and survival but killed for sport or to sell in the market. It is not only immoral and unethical to abuse the earth, but all of earth’s creatures will be the ones forced to deal with global warming and the natrual disasters such as earthquakes and floods that are caused by global warming.  

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