Is 5 hour energy bad for your health?



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    It’s not bad for you when compared to other energy drinks, however it will not bring any positive effect either. The ingredients in 5 hour energy include niacin, B6, B12, Folate, taurine and caffiene. All of these have been proven safe, but as with any supplement too much can be dangerous. Everything in moderation.

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    It’s bad for your health in that it is used as a crutch. People should not need large doses of caffeine to get through their day. Often, fatigue comes from not getting enough sleep, not eating properly, and from not using your body. For example, if you spend your day sitting on the couch, you will feel less well rested than if you spend a day doing active but relaxing activities.  Instead of relying on energy drinks, people should get their energy through sleep and a well-balanced diet. If you are feeling sluggish, a brisk walk, a nap, or eating a healthy snack (apples with peanut butter, for example) is a much healthier way to feel more alert.

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