Is 5 hour energy bad for the environment?



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    After searching around for a bit, I wasn’t able to find anything that indicated that 5 hour energy shots are bad for the environment. Out of all energy drinks, it seems the most natural, but you have to make sure you consume in moderation. As with any beverage, there is packaging to deal with, so be sure to recycle the bottles (the company’s website states that the bottles are recyclable). 

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    I, too, couldn’t find any environmental complications due to the 5 Hour Energy product. There are some health warnings but is considered safe to consume, unless excessive amounts are drunk. The drink contains the caffine equivalent of less than a cup of coffee and vitamins such as B6 as well as Nicatin which reduces fatty substances and cholesterol in the blood. 

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    This is a relatively safe product for both you and the environment. Considering other energy drinks and the packaging they come in, 5 hour energy shots are relatively easy going on the recyclable materials.

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    In a non-direct way, the chemicals consumed through a five-hour energy are terrible for the environment, (as with all medications, supplements, etc.) that are consumed they are also excreted so that goes into the ecosystems and cause a progressive change in the water. Also, the soil, vegetation and animals that end up consuming these sorts of plants ingest the chemicals that began with the production that we, as man have created. Therefore, though it is not an immediate malicious effect, it does happen and it will eventually have a detrimental effect, despite tolerance, because the environment was not originally inhabiting those chemicals, and it may get to the point where so much builds up that it will completely devastate the plants and animals at a molecular level and may causing them to get sick or unnatural growths. That’s my two cents anyways (:  

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