35 animals that live underwater?.




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    It is inconceivable to me that you cannot make this list all by yourself.

    Do your own homework.

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    Underwater animals include (but not limited to) : dolphins, whales, sharks, seals, manatee, starfish, sea horses, sea turtles, sea lion, walrus, coral, eels, crabs, lobsters, horse shoe crabs, sting rays, jelly fish, octopus, squid, snails, clams, oysters, frogs, alligators, crocodiles, snakes, sea otter, polar bear, penguin, and a large variety of fish, for example clownfish, blowfish, piranha, catfish, trout, salmon, and grouper. 

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    Some other underwater animals (that I find particularly interesting) are: sponges, sea urchins, nudibranchs, sea anemones, and star fish. 

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