3 Reasons why recycled water is clean to drink?

Please help me, I’m a student doing an assessment and I need help. Please answer it now. References would be nice.
I need a few reasons which recycled water is clean enough to drink.



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    1) When recycling waste water even into non-potable water (water you can’t drink but we can use to water plants), there is a stringent process and high standards that must be passed. Using state of the art techniques, including special filters, specialized bacteria, and chemicals like chlorine, all waste and harmful germs are removed from the water. Potable water goes through an even longer process, including mixing with groundwater and reverse osmosis to remove any sort of bacteria or virus that could possibly be present.

    2) Technically all water in the world is recycled. There is no pure source. What scientists replicate with machinery already happens in nature. In nature, evaporation removes pure water from the surface and clean water rains from the sky, or snows onto mountains which become rivers when they melt. Reverse osmosis forces pure water (and only water) through a membrane, free of bacteria. It’s the same process.

    3) The large southern-Californian city San Diego technically already uses 85% recycled water by way of the Colorado River. Upstream communities like Las Vegas already discharge wastewater into the river, and it is naturally cleaned, as well as put through man-made cleaning facilities.

    In addition to this, all recycled water meant for drinking must pass governmental requirements in order to actually be consumed. Hope that helps!

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