3 Reasons Why FIltered Recycle Water Is Clean to drink…..

Please help me, I’m a student who as a assignment due in a few days. Really need this answer in a few hours. I need 3 reasons why any recycled water is clean to drink. Note this recycled water is filtered and gone through a number of processes to be cleaned.



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    Water treatment has advanced so much in recent years that even sewage water can be taken through the three step process of filtering water and it can get to a point where it is as clean and drinkable as raw water.

    A three step process is used to filter the water to a point where it is drinkable. Step one: the water is filtered to get rid of solids and bacteria. Step two: it is put through reverse osmosis to get rid of viruses, salts, pharmaceuticals and any other contaminants. Step three: the water is treated with hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light to remove anything else that could be left in the water rendering it undrinkable. 

    At this point the water is clean enough, if not more than clean compared to acceptable standards to drink. 

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