From 220mg co2 10 to the power21 molecules are removed. Find moles of cabron dioxide left.



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    im not sure i fully understand your question but i can tell you then initially you have 5×10^-3 mols. If you explain it better i may be able to solve it.

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    First you need to fibure out how many molecules you have in 220mg (or 0.22g) of CO2.  For this you need to molecular weight of CO2.  Carbon has a molecular weight of about 12, and oxygen about 16, you will need to know how many significant figures the quesiton requires.  This means that one mole of CO2 weighs approximately 44g.  Since you probably know one mole is 6.022 X 10^23 molecules, you can convert the 220mg that you started with to molecules, and subtract the 10^21 molecules that are removed.

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