Is the 21st century going to be the century of sustainability?



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    I’d say that in far simpler generations that their living was more sustainable. They didn’t have as much of an impact on the earth that we have but they didn’t have some of the great things we have as well. This century will be interesting because we have to change the way we live so as not to destroy our world but it’s curious to see if the problem is too big to treat. We will make changes but will they be large enough and will they be done in time to prevent some of the drastic changes that we face. I think this will become a century of forced sustainability and a reigning in of consumers but I don’t know what it will take to make the change.

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    I think it might be in the sense that it will be the most talked about. We already talk a lot about sustainability and it has been just a few years that this idea has been in the mainstream. The fight to achieve more sustainable lifestyles will probably take much of the century.

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