Guest Contributor Program

Overview: The Guest Contributor Program allows people working in the environmental field to publish an article on GreenAnswers discussing their work. The post will be visible to the entire GreenAnswers community, which will then have the opportunity to ask questions about the article. Both the article’s author, as well as the GreenAnswers community, will then have the ability to answer any questions that are asked about the article. We’ve discovered this is a great way to help Guest Contributors get their work in front of thousands of people and to inspire interesting debate and discussion about the subject matter.

General Details: Since much of the GreenAnswers audience is comprised of general environmental enthusiasts, please try to make the content accessible to non-experts. There is a lot of flexibility in the subject matter of the post– it can describe the general nature of your work, or it can discuss a specific environmental problem or project that you are working on.

Specific Details: You can submit everything to us via email. The following is the information we will need:

  1. Your GreenAnswers username. If you have not already created one, you can do so here:
  2. A brief 1-2 sentence bio about yourself or your organization.
  3. The text of the article. You can submit this as a Word doc, a Google Doc, a text file, or as html.
  4. The article should be around 500 to 1500 words.
  5. If you have any photos you would like us to include in the post, please include their links or attachments with your email

Once we have received this information, we will format the post and publish it on GreenAnswers. You will automatically be notified anytime a member of the GreenAnswers community asks a question about your article.

Alternative Option: Instead of submitting an article we can send you a questionnaire which has a set of questions for you to answer regarding your work. We can publish your answers to these questions in lieu of an article, if you would prefer.

In Conclusion: We think the Guest Contributor Program is a great way to extend the reach of your work to the large community of environmental enthusiasts on GreenAnswers. We look forward to seeing your submission and are eager to see what exciting new questions and answers your post will inspire on GreenAnswers!