Ban Improper and Unsafe Waste Disposal in the Philippines

Target: Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

Goal: Stop inappropriate and toxic waste disposal threatening the welfare of the Filipino people, their lands, and the overall environment.

One of the largest environmental problems facing the Philippines today is the practice of unsuitable and hazardous waste disposal. Their governmental mismanagement of waste services has resulted in serious ground and surface water contamination. Improper waste disposal has continued for many years, and what began as a threat to the environment has evolved to include serious health risks for people as well.

Inappropriate garbage disposal results in dangerous water pollution, air pollution, and flooding. Hazardous waste harms people directly by contact and also indirectly through the polluted atmosphere and contaminated water. Cast-off refuse in oceans and waterways creates clogged canals and spillage, causing flash floods that put citizens in harm’s way.

As the population of the Philippines increases and cities and provinces become more developed, the risks of improper waste management are elevated. Open dump sites permit debris to drift into waterways and neighborhoods. Moreover, urban citizens claim there are not enough dumps and landfills to accommodate the overpopulated regions of the country, further encouraging the improper disposal of waste.

Action must be taken now to remedy this severe health risk to people and the environment; improper waste management poses a problem for everyone. All countries on our planet have the inherent responsibility to ‘do no damage’ by committing to the preservation of our environment for the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants. Sign the petition below to stop irresponsible and dangerous waste disposal in the Philippines and demand strict adherence to laws previously passed for environmental protection.


Dear President Duterte,

There are many environmental issues that plague the Philippines, however, one of the greatest threats to the welfare of the country’s lands and people is the improper and hazardous disposal of waste. Open dump sites allow the free flow of trash and hazardous materials into waterways and neighborhoods, and refuse burning pollutes the atmosphere. It is imperative that dangerous and inappropriate waste disposal be discontinued and laws strictly enforced for the protection of your country’s citizens and the communities in which they live.

Improper waste disposal threatens the health of the environment and all living things. The garbage that flows into oceans and waterways from dump sites causes water contamination and flash flooding from clogged canals, putting people at risk for illness and disease and wreaking havoc on communities. Incorrect disposal of trash is an attractive invitation to rodents that infect water sources, transferring deadly and contagious diseases to humans.

It is devastating to see abject waste management practices taking such a severe toll on a once beautiful land inhabited by healthy people. Furthermore, it is entirely inexcusable to allow the improper disposal of waste to continue without attempting to solve the problem. I demand that Republic Act 9003 and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 be strictly implemented to stop dangerous and unsuitable waste disposal in the Philippines before it is too late to reverse the damage.


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Photo Credit: Kounosu