Don’t Murder Endangered Whales and Dolphins with Mining Project

Target: Vicky Robertson, Chief Executive and Secretary for the Environment, New Zealand Ministry for the Environment

Goal: Revoke permit that would destroy the habitats of endangered dolphins and whales with seabed mining.

A permit has been granted that will allow a company to mine in the seabed of a protected sea mammal habitat. Sign the petition to demand that the government of New Zealand revoke this damaging and dangerous permit immediately.

Endangered whales and dolphins, hunted near extinction for far too long, are now being hunted down in protected waters. However, the weapon is not a spear. It is Ironsands Offshore Mining Limited, which can now legally mine in the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary.

The little shelter endangered sea mammals have will now be destroyed. Sign the petition to demand the government of New Zealand revoke this permit and protect the nation’s endangered species.


Dear Secretary Robertson,

A dangerous and deeply damaging permit has just been granted that will condemn endangered sea animals to death. Ironsands Offshore Mining Limited has been given permission to destroy whales’ and dolphins’ protected habitat for mining.

This action is troubling and absurd. Sanctuary is meant to save these animals, but your government’s actions now condemn them to death. All of the hard work of conservationists will be erased forever. I demand you revoke this permit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Seabirds

Target: The Right Honourable Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Goal: Stop plastic pollution from harming New Zealand’s seabirds.

New Zealand’s seabird population is at risk of severe endangerment, possibly even some extinctions, due to plastic pollution. More seabirds live in New Zealand than in any other country; unfortunately, this is the main reason why they are at such risk. It is not the amount of plastic pollution that is the problem, but the number of seabirds and the fact that several species are already endangered.

The birds’ habit of scooping up and swallowing whatever they spot during their hunt for food is how they end up ingesting plastic bags or other waste, as they act too quickly to realize their mistake. Chicks and adults alike face starvation as the plastic fills their stomachs. Since plastic does not dissolve or digest easily, it takes up space and attaches itself to their insides. Additionally, the toxins found in plastic enter their bloodstream, causing various health risks.

We cannot risk the disappearance of New Zealand’s immense seabird population. The country’s environmentalists are working to achieve a ban of single-use plastic bags, but this is only one step. Pollution laws must be tightened, and protection of the birds must be strengthened. Sign this petition to save New Zealand’s seabirds from potential disaster.


Dear Prime Minister Ardern,

Plastic pollution could wipe out New Zealand’s seabird population due to the birds’ continued accidental ingestion of the substance. The birds swoop down and devour plastic bags too quickly to realize their mistake, and the plastic takes up space in their stomachs while blocking the absorption of much needed-nutrients into their systems. The number of seabirds means more are at risk of extinction, as many of them are already endangered.

Environmentalists are currently working to get single-use plastic bags banned, but this is only the first step. You must not only support this ban, but strengthen the country’s anti-pollution laws and enact stronger protections for the birds to ensure that they do not ingest more plastic while feeding. You must not let these birds disappear from our planet.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: David Patte

Punish Man Who Reportedly Punched a Possum in the Face

Target: Andrea Midgen, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal New Zealand SPCA

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly punched a possum in the face be charged with animal cruelty and receive the maximum penalty possible by law, if convicted.

A possum was reportedly violently punched in the face in a shocking act of cruelty. A video posted on Facebook reportedly showed one person laughing as another man knocked the poor animal off of a fence post. Demand justice for this innocent possum.

“If it was a dog or cat being punched violently in the face, there would be no discussion about this, other than that the perpetrator needs to be prosecuted for animal abuse,” stated a spokesperson for Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE).  The short clip reportedly showed a young man exiting a car and stopping in front of a possum, which had perched atop a fencepost. He then allegedly punched the possum directly in the face. The person filming reportedly laughed as the poor animal fell off of the fence and onto the ground.

Many consider possums as merely pests, but SAFE feels otherwise. They have reported this disturbing video to the Royal New Zealand SPCA in hopes that the inspector will investigate and prosecute the people involved. Sign below and demand that those responsible be prosecuted and sentenced to the maximum penalty possible by law, if convicted.


Dear Chief Executive Officer Midgen,

A possum was reportedly brutally assaulted in a disturbing case of animal cruelty. A video allegedly showed a young man punching the poor animal in the face, causing his friend to laugh. We demand justice for this innocent possum.

Members of the animal welfare group Save Animals From Exploitation have called upon you to condemn the people who reportedly assaulted a defenseless possum. A popular video, posted on Facebook, allegedly showed a young man exiting a car and stopping in front of the alerted possum. The young man then reportedly punched the possum in the face, causing the poor animal to fall off of a fence. The person filming then reportedly laughed at the possum’s senseless suffering.

Possums may be considered pests by some, but no one should be allowed to assault them for a laugh. We demand that you prosecute the people in this video and seek the maximum penalty possible in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: hirisflower