Support Company’s Decision to Go Meat-Free

Target: Adam Neumann, CEO of WeWork

Goal: Provide support for company’s decision to ban meals that include meat.

Office-sharing giant WeWork is hoping to make the world a better, more sustainable place by telling its roughly 253,000 members that they will no longer be able to expense meals that include meat. This is in light of research that has shown that the decision to go vegetarian or vegan is one of the most significant ways that individuals can have a positive impact on the environment.

While many other companies have started to offer more plant-based options for their employees, or have gone partially meat-free (such as promoting ‘meatless Mondays’), it is believed that WeWork is the first international corporation to make such a sweeping ban on meat products. Yet the company’s decision has also been met with some criticism, as some WeWork staff members and other observers worldwide have balked at the idea of being ‘forced’ to give up meat.

The meat and dairy industries are some of the worst contributors to global warming and deforestation worldwide. With more meat alternatives available for consumers than ever before, the need to rely on animal-based food sources is decreasing. We need companies like WeWork to step up and take responsibility. Sign the petition below to applaud this company’s decision and provide your support.


Dear Mr. Neumann,

Your company’s ban on meals containing red meat, poultry, and pork is a bold move that could make an enormous impact on the environment for the better. The decision to go meatless not only will save billions of gallons of water and millions of pounds of carbon emissions waste, it could also save the lives of millions of innocent animals. This is a huge, precedent-setting move that is truly a step in the right direction.

We wish to thank you for recognizing the need to make important decisions for the planet’s future at this time. Despite some of the criticism you have recently received regarding the company-wide meat ban, the reality is that plant-based diets are a necessity for a more sustainable future. We, the undersigned, wish to praise you for your forward-thinking and compassionate decision that will help generations come enjoy a greener planet.


[Your Name Here]

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Stop Allowing Luxury Towers to Cause Mass Pollution

Target: Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Goal: Crack down on rampant pollution caused by luxury high-rise towers, including Trump Tower.

Just two percent of the buildings in New York City, including luxury high-rise towers like Trump Tower, are responsible for creating over half of the city’s carbon emissions, according to a recent study. The report looked at the amount of energy each building took in from the public grid along with the amount of fossil fuels they burned, and concluded that these privately-held properties were among the worst offenders citywide.

Compared to the average multifamily home in New York City, which used 125 British thermal units per square foot (kBtu), Trump Tower was found to be consuming a whopping 208 kBtu. The most wasteful tower—the Baccarat— reportedly used a shocking 386 kBtu. Armed with this new data, environmental groups are now pressuring city lawmakers to enact strict emissions cuts at these and other properties.

Making these massive structures more environmentally-friendly is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished largely through modernizing boilers and water heaters alone. These buildings cannot be allowed to continue to fill the city’s skies with carbon emissions that are contributing to worldwide climate change. Sign below and demand that wealthy property owners, including Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, be held accountable in making the city a cleaner and healthier place to live.


Dear Mayor de Blasio,

Although New York City is not a factory town like Pittsburgh or Detroit, it contributes heavily to worldwide global pollution thanks to the wasteful carbon emissions coming from a small handful of luxury towers. While you have called for mandates in the past to cut emissions at privately-owned buildings, these measures do not go far enough to address this ongoing environmental crisis. Despite criticism from real estate developers, you must do more to ensure that these emissions cuts get passed and that they are enforced.

Please work with other city council members to come up with a comprehensive plan for holding these luxury towers and their wealthy property owners accountable for their wastefulness. It is the right thing for the city of New York and for the welfare of the planet as a whole.


[Your Name Here]

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Stop Plastic from Destroying Our Oceans and Ban All Plastic Straws

Target: Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

Goal: Ban the use of plastic straws in New York City restaurants and other businesses.

While global efforts to cut back on plastic use and promote recycling have been promising, progress is not being made fast enough to save marine species from becoming extinct. New York City lawmakers are now proposing a ban on the use of plastic straws in all restaurants citywide. The time has come to stop allowing these unnecessary products to litter beaches and cause harm to wildlife.

This proposed straw ban follows a failed attempt in New York City to add a five-cent fee on plastic and paper bag use. While the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has said that he supports banning plastic bags statewide, he has not yet commented on New York’s plans to ban disposable plastic straws. His influence and support could help sway public opinion and make it more likely that this ban will pass.

Plastic straws are wasteful and can be easily replaced with biodegradable ones made from paper or bamboo, or from reusable materials like metal. With the world facing a major catastrophe caused by the glut of plastic filling our oceans, the time to act is now. Help New York City lead the national movement to ban plastic straws and sign the petition below to urge Governor Cuomo to lend his support.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Plastic straws used in New York City restaurants are contributing to a global catastrophe as oceans become filled with plastic waste that harms wildlife and pollutes the water. Unlike straws made from biodegradable materials like bamboo or paper, plastic straws remain in the environment for many years and break down into smaller pieces that can kill or sicken marine creatures. That is why New York City council member Rafael Espinal is proposing a bill that would ban the use of plastic straws in all restaurants and businesses citywide.

This ban has already gained the support of over 130 local businesses, including many famous restaurants, museums and hotels. What this movement does not yet have, however, is your support and ability to influence public opinion. That is why we urge you to publicly offer your support for this ban and all other efforts to reduce plastic use throughout New York State.


[Your Name Here]

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Ban Dangerous Plastic Bags that Slaughter Marine Wildlife

Target: Thomas F. O’Mara, Chairman of the New York Senate Committee for Environmental Conservation

Goal: Ban plastic bags that are polluting the oceans and harming marine life.

April 22nd marked the 48th Earth Day, and this year’s festivities included a major call to action to end plastic pollution. Degraded plastic releases pollutants that threaten wildlife worldwide, especially in our oceans. Even non-degraded plastic bags and other material can create a dangerous hazard for animals that may ingest or become trapped in the material. Current estimates put the number of oceanic animals killed per year due to plastic pollution at around 100,000.

While increased education and awareness about this issue and about recycling can fuel future action, now our best tools for change rest within the legal framework. Currently, many countries and regions ban single-use plastic bags that cannot be reused. Americans go through 100 billion of these oil-based products per year and use each for an average of only twelve minutes. Those few minutes can create a lifetime of long-term damage. Consider if just one major US state could put a dent in this danger and set an example for the rest of the country.

Currently, New York leadership is considering just such a step. Sign this petition and encourage one of the leading US states to ban the distribution of single-use plastic bags for the future of our water sources and the living beings who rely on these sources.


Dear Senator O’Mara,

“A devastating toll on our streets, our water, and our natural resources…”

These are the powerful and true words Governor Cuomo used to highlight the tremendous impact plastic pollution has on our environment. The New York State Plastic Bags Task Force provided concrete form to Governor Cuomo’s grave assertions. Every lake, stream, and ocean provides irrefutable anecdotal evidence of this danger, from turtles with plastic traces found in their carcasses to fish trapped in discarded trash. The negative cycle of plastic pollution will inevitably pose a public health danger as well.

We urge you to join cities and states around the world by approving the bill that would ban deadly single-use plastic bags. Honor your governor’s vow to protect our environment and all of its inhabitants.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Derek Keats