Do Not Allow Yellowstone Bison to be Slaughtered

Target: Ryan Zinke, United States Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Do not give in to demands from ranchers to kill herds of bison living in Yellowstone National Park.

Ranchers in Montana and Wyoming have pressured the federal government for years, urging them to kill off wild bison in nearby Yellowstone National Park due to overblown fears of the spread of certain diseases, including Brucellosis. Despite the fact that bison are a native species on the rebound after nearly becoming extinct over a century ago, this fear mongering has led Secretary Ryan Zinke, the head of the U.S. Department of the Interior, to call for the mass slaughter of these creatures.

Yellowstone National Park’s current superintendent, Dan Wenk, claims he is being forced to retire from his position because of his disagreements with Zinke, a Trump-appointed official with a long track record of opposing wildlife conservation. Wenk stands by research conducted by park biologists that suggests that the land can easily support the 4,000 estimated bison currently living there, and that the bison are not causing overgrazing, as Zinke and his staff have claimed.

The case for killing Yellowstone’s bison rests on bad science and a desire to put profits over conservation and the environment. Sign this petition to tell Zinke that the bison in Yellowstone have every right to remain and thrive on this protected land.


Dear Secretary Zinke,

I’m writing to inform you that the National Park Service is not a livestock management program, and should not be treated as such. The 4,000 estimated bison that live in Yellowstone National Park are a part of the natural ecosystem, and should not be removed to satisfy local ranchers.

Your demands that Yellowstone officials, including superintendent Dan Wenk, cull at least 1,000 bison may satisfy the livestock industry, but it is bad for the environment and for the many tourists that visit the park with the hopes of seeing these majestic creatures. If these animals are killed, the only people who will benefit are a handful of ranchers whose operations extend to near the park’s boundaries. We urge you to look at the scientific research for yourself and to not call for this senseless killing of Yellowstone’s bison.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Daniel Mayer

Clean Up Spill Threatening Reservation Water Quality

Target: William Dutcher, President of Anadarko Minerals, Inc.

Goal: Hold Anadarko Minerals accountable to quickly clean up an oil spill threatening a Montana reservation’s water supply.

An oil well on the Fort Peck Reservation in northeastern Montana failed, spilling an unknown quantity of oil and contaminants into the environment in an area that is already marginalized. Even without the well in active operation, environmental impacts occurred, and the company responsible, Anadarko Minerals, Inc., needs to be held accountable. Days after the event, there has still been no action on Anadarko’s part or any indication of the time and cost for the required cleanup.

The duration and extent of the spill and its impacts are unknown at this time, even days later. The date and cause of the spill is not known because the company was not actively monitoring the well, since it was not operational. However, what is known is that the well discharged approximately 600 barrels of oil and 90,000 barrels of brine and extended over 200 yards to a pond used to water livestock. This pond at a minimum will likely need to be drained to eliminate the contamination. It is also likely that the oil and brine have impacted the surrounding soils. In short, the spill has endangered the reservation’s water quality and residents’ livelihood, and still nothing has been done to fix it.

Marginalized areas, such as Native American reservations, are often impacted by companies looking to make a profit without caring about the consequences. Sign the petition to encourage swift responsible action by Anadarko Minerals to clean up the environmental contamination as efficiently as if it was in their own backyard.


Dear Mr. Dutcher,

The lack of response on the part of Anadarko Minerals, Inc. regarding the oil spill on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana is simply unacceptable. The spill was reported on April 27th, and days later, still nothing has been done, and no indication has been made by your company as to the extent of the contamination or the mitigation measures necessary.

The lack of transparency regarding this latest spill is sadly not surprising. The Fort Peck Tribes have long been vocal opponents of oil development. Communities that oppose your work take a backseat to your priorities, even when directly impacted by your actions. Not only does the complete inaction on your company’s part prove their point about these environmental disasters, but now it threatens their water quality and livelihood. This marginalized community is one of many that have known what companies like yours don’t want to admit – that there are potentially significant risks to human health and the environment caused by oil production, even inactive wells.

Oil companies need to take responsibility for the consequences of their business practices before irreparable harm is done. Stop taking advantage of marginalized communities in order to make a profit. Take action now to clean up this latest disaster.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Antandrus

Success: Congratulate Montana for Rejecting Coal Development

Target: Brian Morris, Judge for the District of Montana

Goal: Congratulate Judge Morris for protecting precious land and resources from oil drilling.

A Montana court delivered a heroic ruling recently and saved over 15 million acres of land from being turned into coal mines and oil refineries. A proposal by the Bureau of Land Management would have desecrated sacred land in Montana and Wyoming.

Thanks to efforts by conservation groups, the case made it to court in Montana, where Judge Brian Morris ruled the proposal to be unlawful. The case took several years to fight and was an uphill battle for the defense, but thanks to Judge Morris and all of the environmental groups involved, Montana and Wyoming will remain beautiful. Sign this petition below to thank Judge Morris for his tremendous decision.


Dear Judge Morris,

Thank you for allowing pristine land to remain beautiful under environmental protection. By ruling this proposal unlawful, you have set a precedent as we shift towards renewable energy. Now, when land groups seek to desecrate beautiful land, they will have an exceedingly more difficult time doing so.

If judges like you continue to protect our environment in the age of Trump and the Pruitt-led EPA, then our planet stands a chance of survival. With an administration so determined to kill the planet, decisions like yours make all of the difference.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: United States Forest Service