Don’t Destroy Beautiful National Park by Fracking for Oil

Target: Brian Steed, Deputy Director, Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Abandon plans to lease over 4,200 acres of land near a national park to oil and natural gas companies.

A beautiful national park in Arizona may soon be facing dangerous destruction at the hands of fracking. President Donald Trump has proposed auctioning off 4,200 acres of natural land for oil and gas fracking. The very little untouched natural world our country has left should be protected, not destroyed.

This proposed 4,200 acres of land is adjacent to the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park. The river is home to valuable groundwater that could be polluted, as well as endangered fish. Human and animal life is in danger.

Action must be taken now to protect our country’s endangered species and the habitats they call home. Sign the petition to demand Trump’s proposal be abandoned.


Dear Mr. Steed,

About 4,200 acres of beautiful habitat in Arizona are for sale to the highest bidder. A lush river and beautiful petrified forest will be destroyed if fracking comes within miles of the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park.

Fracking has been proven to pollute drinking water, cause illnesses for both humans and animals, deplete natural landscapes, lead to long-term economic bust after short-term booms, and even cause explosions. Do not allow one of America’s rich national parks and invaluable natural landscapes to be destroyed.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Diego Delso

Urge Trump to Retain Ban on Extreme Hunting in Alaska

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Do not lift ban on extreme hunting in Alaska.

The Trump administration is discussing lifting a 2015 ban on aggressive predator control tactics in national preserves in Alaska. If the ban is lifted, extreme hunting tactics, like shooting bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens, will become legalized. The proposal to repeal these rules has received a lot of negative responses from environmental groups.

The changes would affect the National Park Service’s current regulations and would permit controversial sport hunting and trapping techniques on about 20 million acres of Alaskan federal lands. Supporters of lifting the ban claim that allowing these controversial techniques would increase hunting opportunities on national preserve land.

Actions that are currently prohibited but would be allowed if the ban is lifted include luring bears with bait, hunting bears and their cubs using artificial lights, shooting animal young in their dens, using dogs to hunt bears, and shooting caribou that are swimming to escape motorboat traffic.

Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to protect Alaskan wildlife by keeping the ban on extreme hunting tactics in Alaska.


Dear President Trump,

Alaksa is one of the last wild areas that the United States has, and it needs to be protected and preserved. A recent proposal made by your administration would lift a ban on extreme hunting tactics on federal lands in Alaska. This would permit hunters to shoot animal young in their dens and use dogs and artificial lights to hunt bears. To use these cruel and unfair tactics to hunt wild animals for sport is unjust and cruel. I urge you to keep the ban on extreme hunting tactics in Alaska to protect and preserve the animals that call Alaska their home.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

Snapple: Stop Harming the Environment With Plastic Bottles

Target: Larry D. Young, CEO of the Snapple/Dr. Pepper Group

Goal: Demand Snapple company stop their use of plastic bottles.

In the last year, Snapple has replaced their signature glass bottles with plastic ones. While this may be convenient for consumers who prefer unbreakable bottles, it is the exact opposite for the environment and wild animals. Plastic is one of the leading causes of wildlife deaths and illnesses; microscopic bits of the material find their way into the water and grass from which animals feed, leading to their ingestion of these bits.

Snapple, a company that has often prided itself on being in tune with nature, is contributing to this problem with their switch from ecologically-friendly glass to plastic bottles. Their use of plastic not only goes against their eco-friendly image, but is completely unnecessary. Not only because it harms wildlife, but many consumers in the past have claimed Snapple’s products taste better coming from glass bottles rather than plastic.

There is absolutely no advantage to using plastic bottles over glass bottles, and Snapple must realize this and return to their exclusive use of glass, for the sake of both customer satisfaction and to put a stop to wildlife deaths via plastic ingestion. Sign this petition to demand Snapple stop their use of plastic bottles.


Dear Mr. Young,

Your company’s recent replacement of glass bottles is unacceptable. Snapple has always given the image of being in tune with nature and the environment, and plastic bottles go against that image. Not only have consumers claimed to prefer the taste of your product coming from glass bottles, but plastic pollution is one of the leading killers of wildlife. Animals either die of poisoning after ingesting microscopic bits of plastic, or choke on larger pieces carelessly thrown away by consumers.

You must stop your use of plastic bottles entirely. Excessive plastic is not good for wildlife, and nothing is gained from changing the materials used to contain your products. Glass bottles are safer for the environment, preferred by consumers, and plastic is not that much more convenient despite being unbreakable. Please fall in line with your company’s eco-friendly image and reputation, and switch back to glass.


[Your Name Here]

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Stop the Mass Slaughter of Thousands of Mountain Hares

Target: Eileen Stuart, Head of Policy and Advice, Scottish Natural Heritage

Goal: End the legal cull of mountain hares that has allowed sport hunters to kill thousands of animals with little oversight.

Scotland’s mountain hares could be in danger of extinction if estate owners and sport hunters are allowed to continue to kill them by the thousands. Recent reports reveal that over 38,000 hares have died in one year alone, largely on sporting estates. If this practice continues unchecked, it is likely that the time will come when there are no more hares left on the Scottish moors.

Mountain hares, also known as blue hares, are uniquely adapted to the cold climate and harsh terrain of Scotland’s northern reaches. They are known for their striking white winter coats, making them both one of the highlands’ most iconic species and a favored target among sport hunters. Yet the current rate of slaughter may be unsustainable, with as many as 4,000 hares killed at one estate alone, according to recently revealed data.

The Scottish government must intervene and lift the current planned cull that has allowed these hunts to occur in the first place. Sign this petition to urge Scottish Natural Heritage to end this cull and to enforce strict limits on hunting this unique species.


Dear Ms. Stuart,

The legal sport hunting of mountain hares has resulted in the staggering reported loss of over 38,000 animals in just one year. These hares are an iconic highland species that should not be allowed to face extinction just so hunters can skin them and leave them to rot on the moors. Unless the current cull is lifted, there is almost nothing to prevent estate owners and other sport hunters from driving these animals to extinction.

Your own governing body concluded recently that the mountain hares’ population may now be in “unfavourable status.” Despite your recommendations that the Scottish government push for “voluntary restraint” among hunters, it appears that these guidelines have fallen on deaf ears. That is why we are urging you to call for an immediate end to the cull, and to ensure that strict limits are enforced on hunting these hares before it is too late.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: John Johnston

Success: Humane Solution Found for Controlling Wild Horse Population

Target: The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Support the passing of a law banning the culling of Kosciuszko brumbies.

New South Wales has introduced a bill that will save thousands of wild horses if passed. The Kosciuszko brumbies in particular have been targeted by humans who find the animals a “disturbance” to the environment of the national parks despite scientific research proving otherwise. The proposed solution prior to the bill would have destroyed all but 600 of these horses.

There are always much more humane methods of controlling animal populations than simply killing them, and this bill would ensure the use of such methods. Simply relocating a portion of the population, or allowing for the expansion of their habitat, would be superior solutions. Petitions such as this one have circulated in defense of the brumbies, demanding their protection as well as pointing out the contradiction to the claims that the horses are damaging their environment.

The introduction of this bill is indeed a success, but it is only the first step. Sign this petition to ensure that this bill passes and becomes a law to protect these beautiful, intelligent creatures.


Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

A bill has been introduced to prevent the culling of thousands of wild horses in South Wales. Claims have been made that overpopulation of Kosciuszko brumbies is harmful to the environment, despite all evidence to the contrary; however, if the population must be controlled, there are far more humane methods, and this bill would legally require such methods to be used.

You must support this bill and ensure it passes. The introduction is a great step forward, but it is only the first step. Brumbies are beautiful and intelligent creatures deserving of protection and safety, and ensuring this bill becomes a law will grant it to them. Help us protect these horses from unnecessary deaths.


[Your Name Here]

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Don’t Allow Trophy Hunters to Kill Sleeping Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs

Target: Dan Smith, Deputy Director of the National Park Service

Goal: Preserve protections that shield wildlife in Alaska’s national preserves from inhumane killings.

In yet another assault on Alaskan wildlife, the National Park Service has proposed new guidelines that will leave bears and other large wildlife vulnerable to hunters looking for nothing more than a trophy. The dictate, under the guise of aligning federal standards with state standards, gives an additional win to trophy hunters at the expense of wildlife: a long-running and frequent goal of this administration.

This latest affront reverses protections put forth by the Obama administration that banned cruel hunting methods used on federally owned lands. Among the previously restricted and possibly now sanctioned activities are killing young animals such as bear cubs and wolf pups while they sleep in their dens, using food and spotlights to draw out unsuspecting prey, and making use of motorboats in the easy slaughter of marine wildlife. Hunters will now also be allowed to use other animals like dogs as weapons against Alaska’s wildlife.

If enacted, these newly enshrined inhumane standards will leave all wildlife within the 37,000 square miles that comprise Alaska’s national preserves at the mercy of trophy hunters like Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. The Interior Secretary, whose department oversees that National Park Service, recently held meetings with his board of advisers on wildlife conservation…an advisory board that happens to be packed with known big game hunters.

The public, in turn, has roughly 60 days to ‘advise’ the National Park Service on this critical proposed change as well. Sign the petition below to give voice to Alaska’s increasingly under-siege wildlife population.


Dear Deputy Director Smith,

The National Park Service is entrusted with a sacred duty: preserving the history and the legacy of our nation’s most cherished landmarks and natural wonders. As the person given directorial authority over this agency, you in turn have a responsibility and a high duty that goes beyond politics or affiliations.

Recently, Alaska has become ground zero in a fight for and against America’s wildlife. The proposed eradication of protections for wildlife on federal preserves feels like less of a move to align federal and state guidelines and more of an effort to appease certain powerful trophy hunters. If these new guidelines come to pass, bears, wolves, and so many other living beings ingrained in Alaska’s rich ecological history will fall to the manipulative and cruel tactics of individuals who eradicate them for profit and prestige.

Please prove your skeptics wrong and fight for the lands and the inhabitants you pledged to protect. Do not bargain Alaska’s wildlife to those who do them harm.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Christian Pietzsch

End Destructive Logging in America’s South

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Bring an end to damaging logging practices which are destroying the rare and endangered forests of America’s south.

More forests are being cleared by logging in the American south than by rainforest clearing in South America. In fact, logging in the South is four times more destructive than deforestation in the rainforest. Something must be done to protect America’s forests now.

Forests provide an invaluable benefit to the living beings of America. They provide drinking water, as well as flood control and air purification. However, now the forests are being used for wood pellets. The South is the world’s largest supplier of wood pellets to European nations.

This deforestation is impacting the health of both humans and the natural world. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is on the rise, animals are losing their homes, and a loss of tree cover is leading to erosion and water pollution. Sign the petition to demand the United States Government act to protect what remains of the South’s forests.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

Deforestation is more rampant in the American south than in the South American rainforests. In fact, the American south is facing destruction that is four times greater than the rainforests. Logging for wood pellets is destroying tree cover, air quality, and endangered habitats.

You must act now to protect the beauty of America’s southern forests. I demand regulations be enacted to bring harmful and damaging logging to an end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Walter Baxter

Praise California For Passing Landmark Water Use Bill

Target: California Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Congratulate California on passing landmark legislation that regulates water usage to prevent further droughts.

California is geared up to pass some landmark legislation that would be a first in the United States. California is about to pass two pieces of legislation that limit egregious water usage, creates a framework to record how the water is used, limits how water is distributed, and creates protections to ensure that a statewide drought is less of a threat. The legislation also includes plans to create a system of data that breaks down efficiency, clarity, and overall quality of California’s water suppliers.

Laws like this are what helps states keep track of their water and how their energy is stored and distributed, allowing them to stay accountable to the needs of the state residents. If more bills like this passed across the country, there would be a far less likely chance of a future crisis when water supplies are threatened by climate change. Sign the petition below to commend the State of California for passing such important legislation.


Dear Gov. Brown,

The people of the United States and beyond thank you for being a champion of clean, accessible water. The State of California has made a huge decision to regulate the water usage in a way that should be seen across the country. If we didn’t have laws such as this in place, our water supplies could be easily exploited.

Thank you for allowing such important legislation to make it to your desk for signing. The State of California and beyond appreciates how hard you’ve worked to restore the water supply to the people.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Devin Cook

Tell Trump Administration: Don’t Drill In The Arctic Refuge

Target: Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior

Goal: Don’t drill in the Arctic Refuge.

Last December, the Trump Administration announced a plan to reopen the Arctic Wildlife Refuge for oil and coal drilling. Since the announcement, Trump has been auctioning off rights to the land to oil companies, deciding to open the Refuge up to the highest bidder. Recently, a list of over 100 different companies, religious leaders, community organizers, and various financial institutions have sent a letter to the companies bidding, alerting them that drilling in the arctic is a bonafide bad idea.

A new letter is being gathered by hundreds of environment organizations, community activists, and generally people who care about the environment, in order to send a more powerful message to those who seek to destroy our planet. Stand with us in adding to the voices in the letters and declare that arctic drilling is ultimately a disastrous idea.


Dear Secretary Zinke,

I will open this letter with a quote by one of the other letters sent to you: “Any oil company or bank that supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge faces enormous reputational risk and public backlash. Their brands would be associated with destroying pristine wilderness, contributing to the climate crisis, and trampling on human rights.”

The sentiment expressed is simple: If you choose to let the Arctic Refuge be opened up to drilling and environmental chaos, then you will receive a backlash that is unimaginable in scale. The Earth can not sustain any more damage and the public is at their wit’s end when it comes to offshore drilling. We need substantial change and we need this change to happen swiftly. If you do not put an end to this monstrous plan to drill in the most preserved nature refuge we have in this country, we will have to end that plan for you.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Congratulate Minneapolis on Choosing 100% Clean Energy

Target: Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis

Goal: Congratulate Minneapolis on being one of the biggest cities in the world to unanimously voting in clean energy.

The city council in Minneapolis celebrated a huge victory in progress with their most recent unanimous vote to commit the city to clean, renewable energy by 2030. Part of the city’s commitment include a passage on reversing past negative effects of environmental program on lower income areas: “The City Coordinator’s Office blueprint shall also include strategies ‘to ensure that all consumers, especially those who have been left out of the benefits of energy programs in the past, communities of color, low-income communities, renters, and communities that have borne the brunt of past environmental racism, receive equitable benefit from this transition.”

This commitment is exactly the sort of step this country needs to take if we ever wish to reverse the serious damage done by climate-ignoring politicians of the past. Minneapolis is a landmark example of the sort of victories we need to move this country forward and truly make America great. Sign the petition below to encourage more victories like this.


Dear Mayor Frey,

Thank you for everything you have done to commit yourself to clean energy and transparent accountability as the leader of Minneapolis. So far, the country has been incredibly impressed with your abilities as mayor to lead the city in the right direction.

Please continue making decisions as radical and remarkable as this one, so that we may stand a chance to counteract the harm done by our past politicians. Thank you for your commitment to environmental justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: August Schwerdfeger