Google Finds A Greener Way to Pay

Google has released a greener way to pay with an application called Google Wallet. Currently they have teamed up with MasterCard to use the touch and pay system that many credit cards already employ. The new phones contain a chip that transfers the credit card information with a single tap of the phone, as if ringing it up.

All different kinds of cards can be entered into the application, including debit, credit, gift, and loyalty. Security is the main concern when entering the credit card information on the phones, but it is just as safe as if one were shopping online. Google keeps customer information privately encrypted and is one of the largest trusted companies.

The reduction of making plastic credit cards is a greener way to pay. Instead of having 10 pieces of plastic in each wallet, one cell phone will be used. People already use their cell phones for managing their bank accounts, such as depositing checks by picture and checking their balance. Now a withdrawal will be added to the list. Digging through a wallet for the right store card or credit card will become a thing of the past. People will only have to take their cell phone from their pocket and swipe it by the teller.The decrease of any plastic production is better for the earth. Plastic lasts centuries in the soil and does not need to be produced anymore than it is. Paper money is another issue as it is reprinted, recycled, and tarnished daily. With this new Google App, the world will be saving soil for sustainable practices. The air will be a tad bit cleaner from the alleviation of credit card production. Surely not everyone has a smart phone today, and will be buying in on this new trend, but it is something to look forward to.

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