Praise Georgia City For Choosing Clean Energy

Target: Edward Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia

Goal: Congratulate Clarkston, Georgia for committing to 100% clean energy.

The Sierra Club has made a mission to get 100 cities to commit themselves to 100% clean energy and a city in Georgia is a special example of this which deserves praise. Clarkston, Georgia is the first city to be governed by a council of a millennial majority and is considered the most ethnically diverse square mile in the country. Clarkston is also one of the latest cities to commit themselves to 100% clean energy.

The move marks a shift in tides as the younger generation takes office and begins implementing the actions that need completing. The shift to clean energy is a huge step in the right direction for a town that is making waves with every decision they make. Sign this congratulations below to show Clarkston that their efforts are not going unnoticed.


Dear Mayor Terry,

Thank you for dedicating your city’s resources to renewable energy. This step is the first of many that we will remember Clarkston by. Your dedication to a cleaner, more accountable future is one that will surely be copied by minds all over the country, for good reason.

If we had more great minds like yours in office, we might be able to permanently reverse the damages made by generations before us. We need more effective leadership like yours, hopefully this next election cycle will bring in more change like this. Thank you for your commitment to a better future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Georgia Secretary of State

JPMorgan: Stop Financing Fossil Fuels

Target: Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan

Goal: Stop financing the extreme fossil fuel industry.

Where banks invest their money is a crucial way of telling where their values lie and for JPMorgan, their values lie in worsening climate change. JPMorgan invests in tar sands in Canada, drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and fracked gas in Texas, all of these being factors that drive climate change to further extremes. Big spending banks have long been a contributor to climate change, but JPMorgan is currently at the crux of the worst offenses.

Where we spend our dollar is a true indicator of how we influence the world around us, JPMorgan has continually shown that they are in the business of money, not helping. With such a powerful circle of influence, JPMorgan should seriously divest from the fossil fuel industry. Sign the petition below to demand a change be made.


Dear Mr. Dimon,

JPMorgan is currently in the hot seat and your executives know it. Serious protests are already happening outside of your headquarters and the investors know that the tide is changing. The time to divest in fossil fuels is now. Major cities such as Seattle have already divested from major banks who further climate change, so why can’t JPMorgan follow the lead?

We the people demand that you take our lead and make the right decision when it comes to divesting from fossil fuels. Stand on the right side of history and put your money where your mouth is.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Julian Osley

Tell Trump: Don’t Expand Offshore Drilling

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Terminate plan to expand offshore drilling.

Earlier this year, the Trump Administration announced plans to allow oil companies to drill wherever they want. The move undos Obama-era regulations that protected natural environments from harmful practices such as fracking and offshore drilling. Former employees of the agency overseeing these rule changes has stated that this regulation rollback is destined to create another ecological catastrophe, like the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Environmental disasters are not only costly to the planet we inhabit, but to the government who has to spend billions of dollars cleaning up the mess they’ve created. The Deepwater Horizon spill has cost nearly $62 Billion since the spill occurred. The longterm effects of these catastrophes are both costly for taxpayers and tragic for the environment. Sign the petition below to demand Trump keep regulations in place.


Dear President Trump,

The business of the Presidency is to inform decision that benefit the people and the governing body. Rolling back crucial environmental protections will only serve to get you out of office faster. If we don’t take extensive measures to protect our environment, then we lose the very home we occupy.

Don’t listen to the lobbyists offering to line your pockets in exchange for killing the planet, do something reasonable and keep these regulations in place. That is the least you can offer the American people. We demand you terminate these plans at once.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Erik Christensen

Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Stop Lying About Pollution

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Stop covering up the toxic health effects caused by pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now attempting to cover up any science that supports bodily harm caused by pollution. Scott Pruitt recently laid out a new policy aimed at “increasing transparency,” but the guidelines restrict using any science that uses data from human subjects. This means that any data recorded over the years that shows a direct link between pollutants and physical health is no longer deemed credible by the EPA.

This move is the latest in a string of policy blunders that Scott Pruitt has announced. So far, Scott Pruitt’s EPA has removed clean water standards, raised restrictions on oil refineries and fracking companies, and removed protections for endangered animals. The EPA is supposed to be an organization that protects the Earth, not actively kills it. Sign the petition below to demand Scott Pruitt put an end to these detrimental policies at once.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

The Environmental Protection Agency was once one of the only truly benevolent agencies in the government. Since you’ve taken office, the environment has suffered serious damage at your hands. The American people have had enough of your ludicrous policymaking.

We believe that the environment should be taken care of and that the destroyers of the environment need to be held accountable. Removing any mentions of harm done by pollutants is absolutely counterproductive to protecting the environment. We urge you to make the right decision and reverse some of the damage you’ve done.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Stop Hiding Information About Poisoned Waterways

Target: Bryan Shaw, Chairman of The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Goal: Disclose vital documents relating to the dioxin spills in Houston water supplies.

Some of Houston’s largest public well and fishing water supplies have been found to be polluted with a carcinogen named dioxin, leading to these waterways being designated as “hazardous” zones. The waste comes from the paper industry’s dumping of toxic waste into public water supplies. The state of Texas has commissioned investigations into the affairs but refuses to make the full findings public, not even releasing the documents to academic researchers who were studying the water themselves. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was tasked with finding a cause and solution to the problem, hopefully addressing the problem fully in order to restore Houston’s water quality.

Instead, the commission has denied requests for a document release and has simply marked the waste zone as hazardous, without providing a meaningful explanation or solution to the problems Houston now faces from the poisoned water supply. Information such as this can not be held from the public, the citizens of Texas deserve to know the full extent of what they are dealing with. Sign the petition below to demand the documents be released.


Dear Chairman Shaw,

The people of Texas are counting on your committee to serve them ecological justice, instead you have insulted their intelligence by refusing to release the vital documents from the investigation into the water supply. The responsibility to tell the truth lays in your hands and it is your duty to inform the public of the details of those findings.

Public trust is only as strong as the leaders who speak truthfully. If you are not able to tell the truth about your findings, then the public should have no trust in you. We demand you act immediately and release a full disclosure.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Samuel King Jr.

Protect the Ocean: Ban Plastic Straws

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Ban plastic straws to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.

Aquatic life is dying all over the world due to our consumption and improper disposal of plastic consumption. Plastic is ending up in every ocean in all corners of the world, and sea life is slowly declining due to plastic ingestion. Several countries have already taken measures to reduce plastic waste, including Sweden and Britain, who recently banned plastic straws and are already seeing a reduction in plastic waste recovered off their coastlines.

If the United States adopted a similar policy, it would have a huge impact on the overall amount of plastic in our oceans, considering the US is a leader in plastic waste. We need to take every measure possible to reduce plastic waste before we end up with any more beached whales full of plastic. Tell EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to stand up for the planet and sign a ban on plastic straws.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

Your position in the EPA is the most crucial role we have on the front lines of environmental justice. Your influence reaches across all borders and far beyond the land mass we occupy. You have a duty to protect the Earth through any environmental policy you enact. The people have said enough is enough; we demand a ban on plastic straws.

If you were to create a simple ban outlawing the use of plastic straws, our plastic waste would be significantly reduced. There are direct effects we’re seeing across the world when a country bans plastic waste, and the US should step up to the plate next. Stand with us in banning a harmful pollutant.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Karen2754

Protect Alaska’s Bears, Wolves, and Other Rare Animals from Slaughter

Target: Greg Sheehan, Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department

Goal: Ensure protection of Alaska’s endangered bears, wolves, and other predators.

Most recently on his laundry list of environmental blunders, President Trump has now overturned a crucial protection rule that was preserving Alaskan wildlife. The Refuge Rule was installed in the state of Alaska to protect animals such as bears and wolves from hunters who sought to control the populations in local areas. Initially the rule was created as a way to provide ecological balance between the caribou and the predators (such as bears and wolves) because of inhumane poaching techniques used by hunters.

The leader of the Humane Society called this move “an outrage for any animal lover in America” and his point is backed up by animal rights activists across the country. The only way to stop this act is to have the U.S. Fish and Wildlife department reinstate the Refuge Rule. Stand with us in demanding U.S. Fish and Wildlife protect endangered species and reinstate the crucial Refuge Rule.


Dear Mr. Sheehan,

President Donald J. Trump seems to have a special hatred for the environment and all those who inhabit the land. His policies seem to directly support the belief that he does not care about what happens to any life aside from his. The Refuge Rule overturn is a huge loss for Alaska to take as the state fights to protect its evolving wildlife.

Laws like this may seem small because they are based on one state, but if we allow Alaska to start killing its wildlife, what is to stop other states from following suit? We need to stand up for our endangered wildlife immediately. We demand you do something about this outrageous ban.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Carl Chapman

Demand Michigan Reject Nestle’s Exploitative Water Program

Target: Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan

Goal: Demand that Michigan reject the proposed water extraction program by Nestle.

Nestle has plans to build a water extraction plant in Michigan, and when the public was questioned for approval, over 80,000 negative comments came in. The plant was still approved by the state legislature to begin construction later this year. There were less than 100 total approvals of the plant submitted through public comment, so why is Michigan still moving forward with the plant?

Nestle is a corporation known for destroying whatever environment it touches. Counties and states from all over the country have previously rejected Nestle’s plan for bottling plants, leaving them to search for whoever will say yes. Unfortunately for the people of Michigan, who are still recovering from the water crisis, Michigan said yes. Stand with us and sign the petition below demanding Michigan reject this plant before it’s too late.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Michigan has been through enough in the last few years in regards to water quality. The state finally ended its free water bottle program and declared the water in Flint safe to drink again. These are landmark actions of progress that show the state is moving forward.

So, why are you so content on poisoning the water again? Nestle is known for polluting the environment it drills into, and Michigan is already a sensitive environment. There’s no good reason to destroy a landscape that is currently recovering from previous damage. We demand you stand on the right side of history and reject Nestle’s proposal. The people of Michigan have spoken, and it’s time to listen.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alan Murray-Rust

Stop National Parks Service from Erasing Climate Change Evidence

Target: Mike Reynolds, Acting Director of National Park Service

Goal: Stop the National Park Service from erasing any mention of human impact on climate change in official guidebooks.

The National Park Service has erased any mention of human impact on climate change in a long-awaited memo detailing the effects of climate change on rising sea levels. The erasure of this information means that there will be no accountability moving forward when we discuss the causes of climate change. Erasing humans’ role in climate change is akin to saying you don’t need a driver to operate a car.

The move is another in a long line of actions by the Trump administration to categorically reject climate sciences as being valid. The more we reject science, the further away we move from progress. Sign the petition below to demand history remain intact.


Dear Mr. Reynolds,

The notion that humans had nothing to do with climate change is absolutely ludicrous and insulting to the scientific community at large. Your denial of basic facts is troubling to the American people and leads us to not being able to trust you in your current position.

The leader of the Parks Service should be dedicated to the welfare of the environment and those who seek to enjoy it, so why risk the natural beauty of our country? We the people demand that you step back and return all mentions of human involvement in climate change to Parks Service materials.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Shenandoah National Park

Demand Clean Car Standards Be Reinstated

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Stop the rollback of clean car standards.

The EPA is planning an overhaul of their clean car standards. The clean car standards this country has used for the past decade have been enormously successful, reducing nearly 250 million tons of climate emissions and saving almost $50 billion in gas expenses. Pruitt’s administration plans on rolling back these standards in a move that benefits automakers and oil tycoons.

Vehicle emissions are one of the top pollutants of the environment, and the EPA had been successful at starting to heal some of the previous damage. The move is another in a series of attacks on the environment by Pruitt’s EPA. Sign the petition below to demand he restore the clean car standards immediately!


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

The actions you take in office lead the American people to believe that you want the Earth to suffer at your hand. Never before has an administrator shown such a complete lack of respect for the field they administrate. Rolling back the clean car standards is almost as harmful as dumping toxic waste directly into our streams.

The American public has not trusted the actions of this administration from the second you took office; now is your chance to restore some of that public trust. Take the necessary action to ensure that our environment doesn’t suffer any more under your watch.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit:  Gage Skidmore