Support Victory for Conservation in Florida

Target: Rick Abbott, Chair of the Florida Wildlife Federation.

Goal: Congratulate Florida on passing a constitutional amendment to conserve precious Florida land.

The State of Florida recently passed a constitutional amendment requiring the state spend a billion dollars to purchase land for conservation efforts instead of allowing that land to be developed on. The move was an act by Floridians to ensure that they can keep a legal stake in their home state’s land without having to worry about the land being sold for industrial purposes. Thanks to the ruling by a local judge, Florida now has a billion more dollars to allocate towards land conservation.

Opponents of the move were big companies who wanted to develop on the very land that was up for auction and if they had gotten their way, the land would be demolished and polluted forever. Thanks to some dedicated Floridians and the tireless efforts of conversation groups, the conservation efforts will continue without roadblocks by private entities. Stand with us in thanking Florida for making the right choice.


Dear Mr. Abbott,

Thanks to the efforts of the Florida Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club, Florida no longer has to worry about losing a billion dollars worth of valuable resources to industries who only want to abuse that privilege. If we did not have conservation groups like yours fighting the good fight, who knows what would happen to our priceless heritage and resources?

Florida is an essential stitch in the tapestry of ecological diversity we have crafted here in the United States, if we do not protect this tapestry then the very values of America are at stake. We were built with respect for our beautiful ecology and it’s environmental decisions like this that allow us to continue respecting these ecologies. We thank you for your hard work.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

Success: Seattle Bans Plastic Straws

Target: Jenny Durkan, Mayor of Seattle

Goal: Congratulate Seattle on banning plastic straws.

Seattle just scored a huge victory for their local ecology and the ocean waters around the Puget Sound by officially outlawing the usage of plastic straws. We have been talking about this issue for quite some time and Seattle just made leaps and bounds in the right direction. The ban of plastic straws in Seattle officially marks a step forward in the fight against disposable plastics.

Plastic straws are one of the top pollutants of the world’s ocean ecology and considering the U.S. consumes 500 million plastic straws on a daily basis, we’ve got a long way to go to undo some of the damage done by these harmful plastics. We still have petitions to the EPA, the United Nations, and many other worldwide organizations dedicated to protecting our ecology. We need your help to keep spreading the word that plastics have no place in our waters. Right now though, we congratulate Seattle on a huge step in the right direction.


Dear Mayor Durkan,

This victory in the fight against disposable plastics in our oceans is one of the many incredible news stories to come out of Seattle. Thank you for your help in turning Seattle into a place where people can truly vote with their progressive values. Thanks to the legislation of the Seattle City Council, the future of the oceans is looking a lot cleaner.

We encourage you in your progressive efforts and hope you continue to pleasantly surprise the rest of the world with your policy decisions. Thanks to your bright eyes for the future, our children have a home to look forward to. We thank you for your efforts, Seattle.


[Your Name Here]

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Adapt New Technologies to Save North Atlantic Whales

Target: James Landon, Director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement

Goal: Adapt new regulations for the fishing industry to reduce harm to whales in the wild.

The North Atlantic right whale is facing extinction within the next 20 years due to serious entanglement issues in the ocean caused by methods used in the commercial fishing industry. Most fishers and crabbers use long ropes to keep track of the traps they lay at the ocean floor, something that is seriously damaging whale health. Whales get caught in these ropes and their instinct is to roll, which entangles them further. North Atlantic right whales are currently losing population numbers and not producing as many young as they used to, due to the stress on their bodies from the fishing industry. Less than 20o of these whales exist in the ocean right now.

There is a solution, though. New technology has led to advancements in rope-less trapping in the fishing industry, using sonar GPS signals and other advancements to track any cages or traps. Wildlife groups are calling on the National Marine Fishers Office to step up and help enforce the use of these new technologies. We are going to send a letter to the head of this organization to demand a change in behavior, before it’s too late. Sign the petition below to add your voice to the fight!


Dear Mr. Landon,

We are begging you to make some simple policy changes to the fishing industry that you help regulate. In order to save the whales, we need to implement the newest technology across the world. Please make regulation changes to ensure that whales can stay protected.

If we don’t take these steps now, then we might lose a precious species altogether. Please stand with us in protecting North Atlantic right whales.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Janice Waite

Praise Colorado For Advancing Clean Energy

Target: David L. Eves, President of Xcel Energy

Goal: Praise Xcel energy for pledging their future to clean energy.

Colorado’s biggest energy supplier just announced a huge victory for the clean energy sector, when they detailed a plan to remove 2 coal plants from Southern Colorado. The removal of the plants isn’t all, though, the company plans to replace the plants with the largest clean energy package ever to replace a coal plant. On top of all that, the plan is scheduled to save ratepayers over 200 million dollars.

This news is a huge step for Midwestern states like Colorado, who have relied heavily on fracking and coal plants for far too long. As Colorado pledges themselves for clean energy, neighboring states like Wyoming and New Mexico have reason to follow in their footsteps. Victories like this have a snowball effect and should be congratulated. Sign the petition below to thank the CEO of Xcel for getting the ball rolling.


Dear Mr. Eves,

Thank you for embracing the new generations of energetic possibilities. It is not every day that a major utility commits to shifting from coal to renewable energy, but Xcel appears to be doing this with its recently-announced decision to replace two coal plants in Colorado with renewables. Decisions like yours are crucial to implementing a reform to our energy industry.

If every energy manufacturer were like you, we would already be completely energy self sufficient. Thank you for choosing the future and for doing away with our archaic coal plants, one at a time. We thank you for your service to the environment.


[Your Name Here]

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Protect America’s Migratory Birds from Extinction

Target: Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior Department

Goal: Reinstate vital protections on migratory birds.

The Trump Administration, which continues to categorically destroy the natural environment of this country, is now attacking migratory birds protected under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is one of the nation’s first conservation laws and is vital to protecting our birds that both inhabit and pass through the United States on migration. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke recently announced an end to the law, which is devastating for the birds that had so far been successfully protected.

The law used to state in plain language that any harming, capturing, hunting, or killing of migratory birds is strictly forbidden. Secretary Zinke has changed the language of the law to state that only “intentional acts” are prohibited, leaving huge loopholes for hunters and industrial zones to harm or kill migratory birds without any repercussions. The law is another attempt to decimate our natural landscape and we will not tolerate this any further. Demand Secretary Zinke undo his harm to this law at once.


Dear Secretary Zinke,

You recently led the charge in changing The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which until now had protected countless migratory birds in our country. We believe your change to this vital migratory bird law is not only predatory, but malicious in nature. Your reasoning for this change is absolutely unacceptable and we will not stand for destruction of our natural landscape by someone who only seeks to exploit. This rule change is outrageous and you should be held accountable for such a mistake.

We have had enough of the environmental bullying by the Trump Administration and we are seeking to undo all of your damage before it’s too late. We demand that you take the measures to reverse this decision immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: HuzzarTexas Hummingbird

Don’t Destroy the Puget Sound with Dangerous Pipeline

Target: Steven J. Kean, CEO of Kinder Morgan

Goal: Don’t build pipeline that would threaten the Puget Sound waterway with pollution.

Protesters took to the streets and the seas to make a stand against Kinder Morgan’s plan to expand their Canadian pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia.  The pipeline would end at the Canadian border, but the proximity to Seattle will create a litany of problems for the Puget Sound and surrounding communities. Activists in kayaks recently made a demonstration by kayaking to the Kinder Morgan dock in the Puget Sound, blocking their traffic from leaving or entering the facility.

Seattle activists are taking to the streets because they say the pipeline will endanger the waterways they hold pure. The pipeline’s mere existence is enough to raise protest.  Kinder Morgan has a long reputation of building pipelines protested by the public and this one comes after we’ve seen a number of spills in the last couple years by pipelines. Stand on the right side of history and demand we put an end to this pipeline immediately.


Dear Mr. Kean,

Your company is proposing a pipeline that may have disastrous consequences in both Canada and America. Please know that you are the gatekeeper to an incredibly important safety issue. We need to keep our waterways safe from pollutants and pipelines, alike. We have seen the people of Standing Rock fight for their lives to protect sacred water sources and right now we have Seattle citizens doing the exact same to protest against a pipeline that’s not even in their city.

It is time to listen to your citizens and put an end to this environmental disaster of a pipeline. Let’s not break fresh ground on something that will bring pollution to both water and landscape. Do the right thing for the people of British Columbia and the surrounding areas and keep this pipeline from moving any further.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Don’t Hunt Grizzly Bears

Target: Mark Anselmi, President of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission

Goal: Reverse decision to allow hunting of grizzly bears.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission unanimously voted to reinstate the hunting of grizzly bears, allowing as many as 22 bears to be killed in the Yellowstone area. The state of Wyoming considers the grizzly bear population to be recovered enough to take the animals off the endangered species list, along with allowing trophy hunting of the precious bears. The Sierra Club issued a statement calling the vote a “misguided proposal” that will undoubtedly reverse 40 years of population restoration efforts.

Populations of grizzlies were restored enough in 2016 that the US Fish and Wildlife Service declared they were ready to be taken off the endangered list, but many conservation groups said the move was premature. In 2017, just a year later, 11% of the grizzlies in Yellowstone died. Sign the petition below to send the message that we can’t afford to lose any more grizzlies.


Dear Mr. Anselmi,

The state of Wyoming should be ashamed of how it has treated wildlife on a legislative level. Why is it that the first response to taking an animal off the endangered species is to allow trophy hunting of that same animal? There is no reason we should be opening up hunting season on a recently endangered species.

Grizzly populations are vital to keeping our ecosystem balanced, and without them, Wyoming and the United States wouldn’t have the same wildlife that makes these areas so uniquely important.We need to protect our animals, not hang them from our walls. We implore you to reverse the decision to reinstate hunting of grizzlies.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Matthias Breiter

Praise California For Passing Landmark Water Use Bill

Target: California Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Congratulate California on passing landmark legislation that regulates water usage to prevent further droughts.

California is geared up to pass some landmark legislation that would be a first in the United States. California is about to pass two pieces of legislation that limit egregious water usage, creates a framework to record how the water is used, limits how water is distributed, and creates protections to ensure that a statewide drought is less of a threat. The legislation also includes plans to create a system of data that breaks down efficiency, clarity, and overall quality of California’s water suppliers.

Laws like this are what helps states keep track of their water and how their energy is stored and distributed, allowing them to stay accountable to the needs of the state residents. If more bills like this passed across the country, there would be a far less likely chance of a future crisis when water supplies are threatened by climate change. Sign the petition below to commend the State of California for passing such important legislation.


Dear Gov. Brown,

The people of the United States and beyond thank you for being a champion of clean, accessible water. The State of California has made a huge decision to regulate the water usage in a way that should be seen across the country. If we didn’t have laws such as this in place, our water supplies could be easily exploited.

Thank you for allowing such important legislation to make it to your desk for signing. The State of California and beyond appreciates how hard you’ve worked to restore the water supply to the people.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Devin Cook

Tell Trump Administration: Don’t Drill In The Arctic Refuge

Target: Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior

Goal: Don’t drill in the Arctic Refuge.

Last December, the Trump Administration announced a plan to reopen the Arctic Wildlife Refuge for oil and coal drilling. Since the announcement, Trump has been auctioning off rights to the land to oil companies, deciding to open the Refuge up to the highest bidder. Recently, a list of over 100 different companies, religious leaders, community organizers, and various financial institutions have sent a letter to the companies bidding, alerting them that drilling in the arctic is a bonafide bad idea.

A new letter is being gathered by hundreds of environment organizations, community activists, and generally people who care about the environment, in order to send a more powerful message to those who seek to destroy our planet. Stand with us in adding to the voices in the letters and declare that arctic drilling is ultimately a disastrous idea.


Dear Secretary Zinke,

I will open this letter with a quote by one of the other letters sent to you: “Any oil company or bank that supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge faces enormous reputational risk and public backlash. Their brands would be associated with destroying pristine wilderness, contributing to the climate crisis, and trampling on human rights.”

The sentiment expressed is simple: If you choose to let the Arctic Refuge be opened up to drilling and environmental chaos, then you will receive a backlash that is unimaginable in scale. The Earth can not sustain any more damage and the public is at their wit’s end when it comes to offshore drilling. We need substantial change and we need this change to happen swiftly. If you do not put an end to this monstrous plan to drill in the most preserved nature refuge we have in this country, we will have to end that plan for you.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Congratulate Minneapolis on Choosing 100% Clean Energy

Target: Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis

Goal: Congratulate Minneapolis on being one of the biggest cities in the world to unanimously voting in clean energy.

The city council in Minneapolis celebrated a huge victory in progress with their most recent unanimous vote to commit the city to clean, renewable energy by 2030. Part of the city’s commitment include a passage on reversing past negative effects of environmental program on lower income areas: “The City Coordinator’s Office blueprint shall also include strategies ‘to ensure that all consumers, especially those who have been left out of the benefits of energy programs in the past, communities of color, low-income communities, renters, and communities that have borne the brunt of past environmental racism, receive equitable benefit from this transition.”

This commitment is exactly the sort of step this country needs to take if we ever wish to reverse the serious damage done by climate-ignoring politicians of the past. Minneapolis is a landmark example of the sort of victories we need to move this country forward and truly make America great. Sign the petition below to encourage more victories like this.


Dear Mayor Frey,

Thank you for everything you have done to commit yourself to clean energy and transparent accountability as the leader of Minneapolis. So far, the country has been incredibly impressed with your abilities as mayor to lead the city in the right direction.

Please continue making decisions as radical and remarkable as this one, so that we may stand a chance to counteract the harm done by our past politicians. Thank you for your commitment to environmental justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: August Schwerdfeger