Trump: Give Aid to California Regions Battered by Wildfires

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Save the lands and the inhabitants devastated by California wildfires.

Recent wildfires in California have destroyed neighborhoods, claimed at least eight lives, and ravaged lands that include parts of one of America’s most popular national parks. As the 17-and-counting wildfires continue to leave destruction in their wake, America’s federal government remains largely silent. California’s governor recently issued a plea for critical aid from the Trump administration, yet so far these pleas have been ignored.

Perhaps the most dangerous of the many blazes has already seared forests and surrounding neighborhoods that cover an expanse five times as big as nearby San Francisco. Efforts to contain these unforgiving fires are hindered by soaring temperatures, high winds, and low-humidity conditions. This catastrophic blend has meant only one-quarter containment in the most challenged regions.

The devastating impacts will likely linger long after the last fire is extinguished. Just as with the human tragedies, plants and wildlife will be lost forever. Native plants battered by unrelenting fires may never make a truly full recovery, and could even be supplanted by invasive plants. Worse still, the vulnerable wildlife that rely on this vegetation for sustenance will suffer in the long term as well. Diminished air and water quality will only compound these risks.

The unrelenting natural disasters show no signs of abating. Sign this petition to demand American leadership take action before more plant, animal, and human lives are lost.


Dear President Trump,

Two weeks: over 1,000 homes, eight lives (including four firefighters), hundreds of square miles…all obliterated by California’s 17 raging wildfires. In this past weekend alone, the amount of acres claimed by these disasters grew by the thousands—one blaze even creating a ‘fire tornado.’

Two weeks: continued calls for emergency response aid from a state leader, and zero response from America’s federal leadership.

As California’s citizens—American citizens—continue to flee their homes, pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, and attend another funeral for another fallen hero, show the country you care about its precious lands and all its precious life.

Send aid—more importantly, send unwavering support—today.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: BLM

End the Trend of Killing Polar Bears for Tourism’s Sake

Target: Ellen Hambro, Director General of the Norwegian Environment Agency

Goal: Protest the killing of a polar bear defending its home.

A man suffered serious injury and was near-death, while a critically endangered animal lost its life. This is the latest legacy from unneeded, dangerous tourism practices in the Arctic. Now, the one snapshot tourists of a German cruise ship will likely remember will not be an image of beautiful mountains, snow, and tundra. Rather, the lasting picture from this excursion will be the bloodied carcass of a polar bear shot by the sea.

The tragedy unfolded when a German-based Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ship took tourists to a group of islands near the North Pole–islands  often dubbed an ‘Arctic fairy tale’ for their wondrous scenery. Fairy tale would soon turn to genuine nightmare, however, when polar bear guards (individuals meant to block a harmful encounter with the native bears) disembarked ahead of the tour group. After a bear spotted one of the guards encroaching on its habitat, it allegedly charged at the man and wounded him. The other guards had allegedly tried other methods to scare away the polar bear before tragically resorting to deadly force.

While this incident may have been unavoidable in the moment, the true outrage lies in such a potentially deadly and dangerous situation being allowed in the first place. Scientists have long warned that climate change, melting ice, and subsequent changes in food supplies are essentially forcing polar bears into territories where human encounters and aggression levels are higher. Officials in these regions post plentiful warnings about the dangers of polar bear encounters, but they still enable, and even seemingly encourage, reckless tourist intrusions.

Sign this petition to demand those responsible for preserving these picturesque lands put protection ahead of profit and curb activities that will facilitate more slaughter.


Dear Director General Hambro,

A polar bear mauls a camping man in the back, dragging him away from friends. Another bear attacks an ‘adventurer’ group. The German cruise line employees who allegedly shot an attacking bear likely had similar flashes of doom streaking through their minds when they took deadly action.

Who put them in this position, caught between killing a critically endangered animal or saving the life of one of their own? When you sanction so much tourist activity in these wildlands, do you think about he individuals killed and maimed, or the many more polar bears that have faced a sudden death in the past few decades? Do you consider how each of these ‘necessary’ deaths diminishes just a little more a population that even now exists only in the low thousands?

If these questions have plagued you, or do plague you now in the wake of the most recent tragedy, please take action. Reevaluate the tourism policies that are further endangering a cherished native creature already driven from its habitat by climate change and human inaction.

Save the polar bears. Save lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Flickr Favorites

Land and Water Conservation at Risk: Protect America’s Natural Wonders

Target: Mitch McConnell, United States Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support continued conservation of America’s land and water.

Finally, a program on which most American can agree: a program that happens to champion conservation of America’s most cherished lands. The Land and Water Conservation Fund ensures protections for federal lands and natural resources while enabling individuals to enjoy these lands in recreational yet environmentally safe ways. It has earned broad support from all sides of the political spectrum. In a little over two months, however, this popular conservation effort could be extinguished because of political maneuvering.

The fund, established in the 1960s, is arguably one of the only positive by-products of offshore drilling. For the past five decades, monies raised from such drilling projects have been infused into the LWCF. These funds are then used by the government to acquire lands for national parks, to maintain local and state parks and other lands, and to create nature-based activities such as hiking trails. As none of these projects come from taxpayer dollars and may in fact bolster local economies, the LWCF is very popular amongst the general population. Even most Congress members agree that the program is beneficial, although some critics want more funds to be allocated for maintenance rather than land acquisition.

Despite this widespread support, a Trump-backed proposal that would have significantly decreased funding for the LWCF was only narrowly defeated. Further, some opportunistic members of Congress still want to withhold funding so they can use this program for political leverage on more contentious issues.  Congress needs to know that the future of environmental conservation is not a bargaining chip. Several bipartisan legislative proposals have been introduced to give this critical conservation effort permanent authorization and funding.

Demand our lawmakers provide the Land and Water Conservation Fund the rebirth and renewal that it has gifted our most valued lands.


Dear Senator McConnell,

From the trails of Appalachia to the wonders of the Grand Canyon, Americans nationwide enjoy and respect our rich natural heritage. For five decades, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has ensured the livelihood of these awe-inspiring sites and so many more large and small. On September 30, this popular program will expire, unless Congress acts in good faith to protect an initiative that protects our natural world.

Recent Congressional history with the LWCF has proven spotty at best. Some criticize the program for prioritizing acquisition more than maintenance, yet Congress has routinely failed to heed calls to clarify language in the program that could help equalize allocation of funds. Calls for reform have not led to outright condemnation of the program, as it remains very popular among both local and national officials. Despite this popularity, members of Congress still attempt to hold this program hostage and tie it to less popular legislation. Worst of all, this Congress very nearly approved a bill that would have gutted funding for a program that not only helps conservation efforts but that reportedly produces nearly a trillion dollars in economic stimulus.

Your colleagues Senator Richard Burr and Senator Maria Cantwell recently spearheaded one of many efforts to provide the LWCF permanent reauthorization. Supporting such an effort would not only support a majority of your colleagues but also support constituents nationwide who enjoy and benefit from the fruits of the LWCF.

Support conservation. Support America’s majestic lands. Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund and reauthorize now.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: ForestWander

Protect Alaska’s Natural Legacy: Do Not Strong-Arm Damaging Drilling onto Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Target: Mark Fesmire, Alaska and Pacific Regional Director of the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement

Goal: Stop downplaying and ignoring environmental threats from drilling in Alaska.

When the controversial tax cut package passed Congress, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski slipped in a special interest provision that propelled Arctic drilling efforts forward. In the process, she essentially sold out some of her state’s most precious lands for a vote. Now, the Trump Administration is looking to fast-track this destructive process, shunning environmental dangers in the process. As a result, within a year one of the world’s last undisturbed wonders could be open for corporate pillage.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a true sight to behold, sprawling nearly 15 million acres. The lands host an array of wildlife, from polar bears to water fowl to porcupine caribou: magnificent but vulnerable animals that may soon have their habitats, and their livelihoods, altered forever. Further, proposed activities such as seismic testing will likely mar and reshape a diverse landscape that encompasses marshes, rivers, hills, lakes, coastal plains, and a collection of plant life perhaps unrivaled in the northern hemisphere. Much of the proposed drilling would take place in a section of the plains area that will significantly impact caribou and the native Gwich’in people who depend upon these animals and the surrounding lands for much of their physical and spiritual sustenance.

Despite public outcry from these and other concerned citizens and despite words of caution from scientists, this administration is demanding fast approval of leases for the Congress-certified drilling efforts. This acceleration forces key agencies to complete a review process that would normally take years in only a few months. Not only will this shrunken time frame stifle much of the local citizenry’s debate, but it will likewise curtail the voices of many key environmental analysts and experts. The Fish and Wildlife Service has already been left out of much of the decision-making process, and Interior Department officials are limiting environmental assessments to only 150 pages within the expected review. For context, one environmental organization alone submitted an analysis of harmful impacts that spanned well over 150 pages.

Sign this petition to demand the Interior Department take time and care with a process that could radically redefine the Arctic landscape for generations to come.


Dear Mr. Fesmire,

Senator Lisa Murkowski, in her continued promotion of arctic drilling, once proclaimed that ‘outsiders’ should not determine the fate of Alaska’s arctic landscape . Perhaps, then, Senator Murkowski and others should listen to the voices of the people who have inhabited these lands for centuries….the people who rely on these lands for survival in every sense of the word.

The Gwich’in people have joined droves of their fellow Alaskans in calling for compassion and caution in fundamentally altering their environment and their lives. We are concerned that in the name of speed and profit, you are not listening to these voices or the voices of countless experts who devote their lives to studying these lands. In order to hear these voices and in order to deem you analysis truly trustworthy, you need time that extends well beyond a few months.   You also need detailed, accurate analysis that is not limited to a few  pages.

Even the organizations with whom you are negotiating drilling contracts have urged you to take your time. Do the one thing that every side of this heated debate can agree upon: make informed, holistic decisions that ensure no animal, no piece of pristine land, and no voice is left behind.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Don’t Let the Endangered Species Act Die

Target: Rob Bishop, Chairman of House Committee on Natural Resources

Goal: Fight against measures that would remove protections for thousands of endangered animals.

July has marked a busy month for Republican lawmakers on the attack, but not on the issues that should matter. Rather, in the last few weeks, efforts have been advanced through Congress to slash funding to the tune of half a billion dollars for environmental and wildlife conservation efforts. In a related move, the gray wolf has moved one step closer to losing its federal protections. Yet this endangered animal may not be alone, as the Trump administration and Congressional allies’ latest attack strikes at the very heart of the only federal law that shields endangered species.

In a supposed maneuver to “balance the interests of all parties involved in and affected by species and habitat listings” – aka special interest groups –Republican representative Paul Gosar spearheaded a package of bills that would essentially nullify key portions of the Endangered Species Act. Oversight and regulations regarding species would move primarily to the states, and the 2,000-plus species that have benefited from federal protections since the act’s introduction would lose a critical shield in the process.

New rules would also strip many of the habitats occupied by endangered species of protection, giving agencies like the National Fish and Wildlife Service (agencies now filled with former lobbyists and corporate special interests) authority to roll back protections in the name of “economic impact.” Even a seemingly unrelated defense authorization bill contains, according to those with knowledge of the bill, several amendments that could harm wildlife and environmental conservation.

While similar efforts to weaken and ultimately defeat the Endangered Species Act have failed, with an administration and a majority Congress hostile to environmental values in full control of government, this popular act has arguably never faced greater peril.

Sign this petition to demand Congress stop sacrificing our vulnerable wildlife for profit and political gain.


Dear Representative Bishop,

What do the words threatened and endangered mean to you?

Do these words imply imminent danger and fear of harm or, in the worst cases, death? When we hear these words, we typically raise our defenses and seek protection from any potential dangers or threats. Yet in the latest of a long line of proposals aimed at gutting one of our most enduring laws, the aforementioned words have been stripped of their power…their warning.

If the set of more than a dozen bills targeting the Endangered Species Act come to fruition, animals—many numbering in the thousands if not hundreds—will face seemingly insurmountable difficulty in receiving the classification of threatened or endangered.  Therefore, they will likely lose much of the protections that come with these distinctions.

Further, the very scientists and professionals who know the plight of these animals better than anyone will see their voice ceded to corporate or other special interests. States that are ill-equipped and under-informed to make literal life-and-death decisions that could alter the fate of an entire species will have the strongest hand in making these decisions.

Worst of all, countless natural treasures, from the smallest beetles to the most magnificent wolves, may soon become just a faded picture in a science book. You may be thinking of short-term gain, but do you truly want the erosion and eradication of our natural world to be your legacy 100 years from now?

Protect the Endangered Species Act….protect our future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Endangered Black Rhinos Dead at New Sanctuary Home Deserve Justice

Target: Najib Balala, Minister of Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

Goal: Hold individuals and organizations responsible for black rhino deaths.

Kenya accounts for more than one-tenth of the critically endangered black rhino population worldwide. In the past month, however, nine of these national treasures were lost in a state-sponsored conservation effort that went horribly wrong. The number lost in just one endeavor eclipses the total number of endangered rhinos killed in similar efforts within the previous twelve years.

The nine fallen rhinos were part of a group of 11 that were being taken to Tsavo East National Park by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Once they reached their new home, eight of the rhinos fell ill and died, with a ninth passing away a short time later. Authorities have theorized the causes of death to range from salt poisoning to heatstroke, but the investigation is ongoing.

This tragedy follows trying times for the beleaguered rhino species. Poachers allegedly murdered three black rhinos a few short months ago in Kenya; the heartless actions of human hunters have already driven the total population of black rhinos down to a little over 5,000. And earlier this year, the world lost its only remaining male northern white rhino, Sudan, to illness.

Help ensure the black rhino does not meet the same bleak fate. Demand Kenyan leaders find justice for the latest casualties and, moreover, do everything within their power to protect a vulnerable species that calls Kenya home.


Dear Minister Balala,

In the wild, black rhinos face no imminent threats. As a species, these magnificent animals should be thriving. Yet as their numbers have dwindled into the thousands; they stand at the top of the endangered species list: a testament to man’s continued greed and carelessness.

Since Africa remains the only continent in the world where these animals still roam freely, and since  Kenya remains their most prominent home, you have a special gift and an even more special responsibility. Recently, nine black rhinos lost their lives in circumstances that likely could have been avoided with proper care. Please take the investigation into these senseless deaths seriously, and hold those who may be responsible fully accountable.

Most importantly, prioritize a full scope of protections for endangered black rhinos and punish those who would callously steal their lives. Take action before these natural wonders, potentially like the white rhino, are lost forever to history.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gerry Zambonin

Justice for Slaughtered, Endangered Blue Whale

Target: Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, Minister of Iceland’s Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources

Goal: Investigate and punish those responsible for the alleged killing of an endangered blue whale.

One of the world’s rarest and most beautiful marine animals was allegedly slaughtered by a government-approved expedition. Earlier this week, members of Iceland’s Hvalur hf whaling company reportedly harpooned and killed a blue whale, a critically endangered species that has been federally protected for decades. If the kill is confirmed, this would mark the first known human-driven slaughter of a blue whale in 40 years.

Although whaling is permitted and has a long tradition in Iceland, the government outlawed the killing of blue whales after previously unchecked executions had driven the species’ numbers to dangerously low levels. A crew leader has defended the alleged kill, claiming—despite the assertion of whale experts—that the animal was not a blue whale but rather a type of whale that does not enjoy government protections. The crew member reportedly concedes that if his crew did kill a blue whale, it was only an accident.

This half-hearted defense and dismissive apology will not bring back an animal that stands as a needed lifeline for a species in crisis. Sign this petition to demand accountability for a careless action that puts a world wonder at further risk.


Dear Minister Guðbrandsson,

In released pictures, they can allegedly be seen assessing their kill. One even reportedly stands atop the carcass for a photo op. Yet these individuals who ply their trade in the whaling industry claim ignorance in their potential slaughter of one of the world’s most imminently endangered species.

The actions of the the Hvalur hf whaling company were reckless at best and deliberately malicious at worst. Since the 1970s, the Icelandic government has recognized its special responsibility to the blue whale: a magnificent creature nearly driven to extinction by thoughtless human activity. Your government licensed the whaling company under fire, and as such you have the responsibility to investigate and ensure that if this group did indeed slaughter the first blue whale in over four decades, they receive the proper punishment.

Moreover, you have a responsibility to the vulnerable torchbearers of this species by reasserting in the strongest terms that their outrageous slaughter will not be condoned or forgotten. We demand immediate action.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: D. Ramey Logan

Stop Purging Conservation and Wildlife Advocates from National Park Services

Target: Mary L. Kendall, Deputy Inspector General of the Department of the Interior

Goal: Investigate allegations of unfair employment practices against conservationists and climate change advocates.

“Throughout my career, I’ve never encountered anything like this, ever.” These words, uttered by a conservationist with a four-decades long record of service, echo the sentiments of many environmental advocates and ethical leaders who now serve under an administration hostile to those very values. To date, 16 individuals serving our nation’s federal lands in senior-level positions  received demotions or reassignments; they believe these actions are retaliation for conservation or climate change advocacy. Many more dismissals could follow.

The most high-profile and recent of these questionable maneuvers is the treatment of soon-to-be former Yellowstone Park Superintendent Dan Wenk. This summer, Superintendent Wenk was given a choice: accept a reassignment across the country or resign. Either way, officials wanted the man who has served forty-plus years in national park services out of Yellowstone by August. Wenk chose resignation, believing the reassignment for which he was provided no reasoning resulted from his opposition to a planned reduction of Yellowstone’s bison populations. Moreover, Wenk contends that his dismissal reflects Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s ambition of prioritizing industry and profit over conservation. The bison initiative is believed to be the result of extensive lobbying from a major livestock group in Zinke’s home base of Montana.

As the conflicts of interest continue in organizations like the Interior Department and the EPA, those who would protect our environment and its wildlife continue to be neutralized. Sign this petition to demand the Interior Department’s investigative branch restore the integrity of the guardians of America’s most beloved lands.


Dear Ms. Kendall,

You have received at last count 16 complaints from long-serving Interior Department officials who believe they were the victims of “punitive action” by department leaders. You claimed that you could not take action on these allegations because those responsible did not explain their reasoning for reassignments.

This answer is not good enough. As an investigator, it is your job to ‘investigate’ and to find these answers. Our nation’s most cherished lands, including its first national park, Yellowstone, are on the line. These lands need protectors and advocates that will look out for their best interests, not the interests of the corporate bottom line. Yellowstone’s senior official charges that he was forced into resignation simply because he opposed a controversial policy involving some of the park’s most prominent wildlife. “It’s a hell of a way to be treated at the end of four decades spent trying to do my best for the park service and places like Yellowstone, but that’s how these guys are,” Superintendent Dan Wenk recently said.

Is this how you are? Is the legacy you want to leave one of loyalty to the individuals you are supposed to keep in check, or loyalty to the oath you took when you joined the agency entrusted with protection of our federal lands and its wildlife? The choice is yours.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Yellowstone National Park

Save Imprisoned Wallabies From Starvation and Death

Target: Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, Australia

Goal: Remove wallabies from an enclosure where they endure starvation and deadly injuries.

Wallabies are being imprisoned and starved in Australia. At the same time, officials responsible for these dire circumstances are blocking efforts to remedy the crisis. Worse yet, many of the desperate animals have died from injuries they suffered in their attempts to escape their man-made prisons.

Ground zero for this crisis is the Centenary Trinity Beach Bulldogs AFL Club Park, an area undergoing extensive development and maintenance projects. To keep the region’s wallabies from interfering with these projects, a regional council enclosed the native animals within fencing, essentially cutting off their means of escaping a small area. Compounding this problem, the fencing has stayed in place for close to a year. The wallabies have begun hurling themselves against the unforgiving fencing, incurring serious injury and—in the most tragic cases—death. While advocates strongly believe these desperate actions are driven by starvation and habitat loss, dismissive officials claim the wallabies are merely reacting to agitation from passersby.

This tragedy could have been prevented by relocating the wallabies to a safer location before construction projects began. Even now, those responsible refuse to acknowledge their deadly errors. Efforts by advocates to relocate the wallabies have been consistently blocked.

Sign this petition to demand accountability and urge immediate action in a year-long act of state-sponsored animal cruelty.


Dear Premier Palaszczuk,

A critical and ongoing crisis with legal repercussions is taking place in the Cairns region. Social media videos detailing some of your region’s natural living wonders, wallabies, dying in a brutal manner have sparked widespread condemnation and outrage. These animals are currently trapped within the Centenary Trinity Beach Bulldogs AFL Club Park; if the situation is not remedied immediately, more will succumb to starvation or desperate self-mutilation.

A fence installed by the Cairns Regional Council is keeping these animals as essential prisoners without access to their natural food or habitat. The wallabies’ bloody attacks on this makeshift prison are likely a last-ditch attempt at escape and at continued life. Regional officials have curtailed efforts to relocate these under-siege animals, and in fact they have absconded responsibility for relocation onto the state government.

A lawsuit is in process, but by the time complex legal proceedings are untangled, it may be too late for these awe-inspiring creatures. Please make every effort to aid animals that are such testaments to Australia’s natural beauty.


[[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: JJ Harrison

Boost Bicycle Transport as a Promising Clean Air Conduit

Target: Councillor Colin Cook, Lord Mayor of Oxford, Oxford City Council

Goal: Invest in bicycling as an environmentally beneficial mode of transportation.

A sizable percentage (close to 50 percent, by some estimates) of the air pollution choking our planet’s skies arises from our modes of transportation. Motor vehicles in particular emit large quantities of destructive pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, and toxic particulates. Over time, these pollutants help erode the earth’s ozone layer and boost temperatures planetwide, wreaking havoc on habitats and ecosystems of all varieties. Many of these pollutants also have links to cancer and other devastating health conditions. Growing cities in particular have become a large part of the problem as the demands for fast and efficient transportation flourish. Some of these regions, however, have the potential to become part of the solution through investments in a cost-friendly and, more importantly, an environmentally-friendly method of transportation: bicycling.

The city of Oxford, England stands as a prime candidate for a promising, cleaner approach to travel. The “city of dreaming spires” is renowned for its rich historical legacy and its youthful populace who already utilize cycling as a main form of transportation. This method is in many ways ideally suited for the city and other burgeoning English towns such as Cambridge. Distances traveled are relatively small, the historic landmarks of the city make intrusive roadways undesirable for many citizens, and employment opportunities in sectors ranging from tech and science to publishing populate the entire landscape.

Yet rather than focusing on a popular method that studies indicate accounts for over a quarter of current travel within the city, leaders instead are focusing on other means of transportation development such as railways and buses. In fact, the city often makes it harder for cyclists by not opening key roads to bicycle transportation and failing to appoint officials dedicated to overseeing this mode of transportation.

Sign the petition below to encourage the incorporation of bicycling as a centerpiece of future infrastructure and transportation initiatives.


Dear Councillor Cook,

Your city is growing, but it is growing into an uncertain future. Citizens, especially your youth, continue to worry about the state of our planet and its wellness. Green solutions are no longer just a pleasantry or an aspiration but a necessity.

As one of the major centers for bicycle transportation in the world, you have the opportunity to set a literally world-changing precedent. While you ponder ways to meet Oxford’s growing travel needs, the ideal answer may be ever-present in the communities that comprise your town. The National Infrastructure Commission recently released findings detailing the rise of bicycling within Oxford. Estimates say 25 percent of your populace even utilizes this environmentally safe option as a primary form of transportation.

Build upon this promise, and in the process protect your city’s rich legacy from unnecessary, detrimental road projects that carry a significantly higher price tag. Open the roadways you do have to more modes of travel, and appoint officials who oversee and help improve this promising mode of transportation.

Invest in bicycling because in many respects, bicycle paths may indeed prove to be a pathway to a better tomorrow.


[Your Name Here}

Photo Credit: Foothill Expy