Online Interior Design Goes Green

As the green movement progresses, there are few industries that remain untouched. The interior design industry is no exception. While interior design has always been a part of the sustainability movement, it is the more recent trend of e-decorating that has seen the most rapid shift towards an embrace of green practices. 

E-decorating is a form of interior design that utilizes online technologies to facilitate the design process. E-decorating projects are done entirely via electronic communications. E-decorators provide their clients with detailed surveys to be filled out, which include room dimensions, personal design tastes, and digital images of the space to be designed. The e-decorator can then build a custom room design for their client based on the information provided. 

Like many industries that have gone online, e-decorating is also a green way to design a space. Online interior design firm Homegrown Interiors’ head designer notes “online interior design is often embraced by unique and forward-thinking individuals, which provides us an opportunity to do some really creative work for our clients. While we are not specifically a ‘green design firm,’ online interior design provides us an opportunity to work with some very sustainable materials and practices.” 

Some of the other ways that online interior design firms are able to be more green, range from giving clients the option to purchase items all from a single source to cut down on their shipping footprint, to focusing on the re-purposing of existing pieces in a space to avoid creating unnecessary waste and production costs. 

While online interior design is a relatively new offshoot to the traditional interior design industry, it is leading the pack when it comes to creative and sustainable design. As new industries emerge throughout the economy, we can only hope they are willing to embrace sustainable practices as quickly as the online interior design industry has done.