Don’t Pollute the Drinking Water of Major City

Target: Brian Steed, Deputy Director, Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Abandon fracking plans that would pollute the drinking water of over 300,000 citizens.

A new fracking site may soon pollute the water of over 300,000 citizens in a major Texas city. The Trump Administration has proposed an auction of public land for fracking. This land sits below the reservoir where the city of Corpus Christi, Texas obtains its drinking water.

More than 4,200 acres of land are up for sale. Should fracking wells make their home here, natural gas leaks, toxic spills, and earthquakes may occur, damaging an already fragile water infrastructure, contaminating the water of hundreds of thousands of unknowing citizens.

There are already several leaking oil and gas wells in and around this area. More will prove catastrophic. Sign the petition to demand that the Bureau of Land Management cancel this land auction and protect the citizens of Corpus Christi.


Dear Deputy Director Steed,

More than 300,000 citizens are at risk should fracking make its way to Corpus Christi’s water reservoir. Fracking has been proven to cause toxic spills, gas leaks, and even earthquakes. All of this would damage the already fragile infrastructure of Corpus Christi’s water system.

I ask that your protect the natural landscape of Corpus Christi and the city’s citizens. I ask that you cancel the proposed auction of more than 4,200 acres and leave it as open public space.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Joshua Doubek

Don’t Murder Endangered Whales and Dolphins with Mining Project

Target: Vicky Robertson, Chief Executive and Secretary for the Environment, New Zealand Ministry for the Environment

Goal: Revoke permit that would destroy the habitats of endangered dolphins and whales with seabed mining.

A permit has been granted that will allow a company to mine in the seabed of a protected sea mammal habitat. Sign the petition to demand that the government of New Zealand revoke this damaging and dangerous permit immediately.

Endangered whales and dolphins, hunted near extinction for far too long, are now being hunted down in protected waters. However, the weapon is not a spear. It is Ironsands Offshore Mining Limited, which can now legally mine in the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary.

The little shelter endangered sea mammals have will now be destroyed. Sign the petition to demand the government of New Zealand revoke this permit and protect the nation’s endangered species.


Dear Secretary Robertson,

A dangerous and deeply damaging permit has just been granted that will condemn endangered sea animals to death. Ironsands Offshore Mining Limited has been given permission to destroy whales’ and dolphins’ protected habitat for mining.

This action is troubling and absurd. Sanctuary is meant to save these animals, but your government’s actions now condemn them to death. All of the hard work of conservationists will be erased forever. I demand you revoke this permit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pixabay

End the Sale of Endangered Species in Grocery Stores

Target: Fu Zhenghua, Minister of Justice, China

Goal: Preserve and protect endangered species by outlawing their sale in grocery stores.

Grocery stores in China are selling critically endangered species, including giant salamanders, sturgeons, and alligators. Sign the petition to demand the government of China outlaw the sale of endangered species in grocery stores.

While selling endangered species is regulated (businesses require a special permit), it is not altogether forbidden and it is quite easy for businesses to ignore getting a permit. One grocery store was allegedly selling endangered Chinese alligators as recently as last month without a permit.

Sign the petition to demand China outlaw the sale of endangered species. Permits and regulations are not enough. Endangered animals should not be for sale.


Dear Minister Zhenghua,

Just last month, a grocery store in your nation was caught selling endangered species like alligators and salamanders without a permit. This event shows the flaws in your permitting system. Endangered animals should not be for sale in “some cases.” They should not be for sale at all.

I demand you outlaw the sale of endangered species. They should not be for sale in the aisles of a grocery store. They should be preserved and protected at all costs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: William Warby

End the Leather Industry’s Destructive Pollution of Drinking Water

Target: Abdul Hamid, President of Bangladesh

Goal: Bring an end to pollution in the leather industry.

The leather industry is spilling unknown amounts of toxic chemicals into valuable sources of drinking water, threatening the lives of families in Bangladesh. Sign the petition to demand that the government take immediate steps to end this pollution.

More than 150 tanneries once stood along the banks of the Buriganga River. However, the government shut them down when it was discovered that 180,000 citizens had poisoned water because of them. Despite these actions, tanneries have once again opened up alongside another river less than one year later. Another hundred thousand citizens will be poisoned.

Like it did before, the government of Bangladesh must protect the lives and health of its citizens. Demand the government act now to shut down the tanneries and end the pollution of its nation’s water.


Dear President Hamid,

Less than a year after you shut down over one hundred tanneries for polluting the water of the Buriganga River, new tanneries have arisen in their place. Now, another hundred thousand of your citizens are facing poisoned water.

As you did before, you must shut down these tanneries before they cause more destruction and even death. Your citizens deserve clean water and a safe home. Do everything in your power to give them that.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Patrick Morin

Help Lead the Fight Against Deforestation

Target: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Goal: Unite against deforestation and invest in clean energy.

In the fight against deforestation, one nation seems to be fighting alone. Norway has donated 366 million dollars each year to ending deforestation in South America’s rainforests. However, data shows that little progress has been made. Progress is stagnant because Norway fights deforestation alone.

Other wealthy European nations have vowed to fight against deforestation, but no other countries have joined Norway’s side, or donated as much as Norway has. Norway’s monetary contributions make up roughly 40 percent of the funds against deforestation. The United Kingdom and Germany both promised to help Norway, but little visible progress has been seen.

Sign the petition to demand that Germany, a leading country in the European Union, take its place alongside Norway and fight deforestation. As we have so often seen in the European Union, when Germany takes a step toward progress, other countries follow.


Dear Chancellor Merkel,

In the last ten years, Norway has given 40 percent of the funds in the fight against deforestation. However, despite the billions of dollars spent, little progress has been made. Norway can’t win this fight alone. Other countries must take its side.

Several years ago, Germany promised to help Norway in the fight against deforestation. I ask that you hold true to that promise. Fight deforestation. Other countries will undoubtedly follow your lead.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Anand Osuri

Protect Rare Predator from Extinction

Target: Michael Finley, Chair of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission

Goal: Protect rare predator from extinction at the hands of habitat destruction.

A rare predator in Oregon may soon face extinction. Less than 200 Humboldt martens exist in the state of Oregon. Join conservationists in demanding the state add the species to its endangered species list.

The rare Humboldt marten is a small, cat-like mammal. It resides in the state’s coastal forests. However, its numbers have declined, faced with logging, habitat destruction, and trapping by hunters.

Only one death of this species per year could lead to under-population and extinction within the next generation or two. Something must be done now to protect this rare animal before the predator becomes the prey.


Dear Mr. Finley,

The Humboldt marten may be a predator, but it’s been given less than a fighting chance in your state. Less than 200 of the tiny mammals survive, most killed  by habitat destruction and trapping.

The Humboldt marten is facing rapid extinction. Just one death per year can wipe out the population completely within a generation or two. I ask that you add the species to your state’s endangered species list immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cody Connor

End the Destruction of the Rainforests for Palm Oil

Target:  Kuok Khoon Hong, CEO of Wilmar International

Goal: Cut ties with companies that rely on deforestation to turn a profit.

One of the largest palm oil producers in the world has allegedly broken its commitment to sustainability and has instead engaged in practices and trade agreements that are contributing to deforestation.

Wilmar International has a “No Deforestation. No Peat. No Exploitation” commitment. However, Greenpeace alleges that Wilmar is breaking this promise by trading palm oil with Gama, a palm oil business reportedly leading deforestation efforts in Indonesia.

Wilmar must hold true to its commitment. It must protect the rare and endangered rainforests of Indonesia. Sign the petition to demand that Wilmar cut ties with Gama and protect the world’s rainforests now and in the future.


Dear Mr. Hong,

Your company made a promise: “No Deforestation. No Peat. No Exploitation.” You vowed to protect the rainforests. Instead, you have reportedly been destroying them.

Your partnership with Gama stands in direct conflict with your vow. Gama reportedly engages in deforestation, stripping Indonesia of its rare forests and resources. I demand you hold true to your promise and cut ties with Gama to protect the rainforests of Indonesia for posterity.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: WidodoMargotomo

Protect Rare Cuckoo Bird from Extinction

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect yellow-billed cuckoo bird from extinction at the hands of habitat loss.

A rare cuckoo bird may soon be taken off the endangered species list. Ranchers and miners have filed suit, demanding the yellow-billed cuckoo bird be removed. Sign the petition to ask that the bird, rapidly disappearing from our nation’s forests, be protected.

The bird plays an important role in the ecosystem. It preys on some insects and other small animals, controlling their populations. However, the birds have all but disappeared in the western part of the United States as their habitats have been destroyed by land clearing and development.

Sign the petition to demand that the bird remain on the endangered species list. The yellow-billed cuckoo bird must be protected, not abandoned.


Dear Mr. Sheehan,

Ranchers and miners have filed suit, demanding that the yellow-billed cuckoo be removed from the federal endangered species list. However, this bird matches the very definition of endangered. It has virtually vanished from the American West due to habitat loss and development.

To remove this species from the federal list will ensure its extinction. I demand you keep the yellow-billed cuckoo on the endangered species list.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: National Park Service

Protect Endangered Dragonfly from Extinction

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Enact protections for the rare and endangered southern snaketail dragonfly.

A rare dragonfly found in America’s south may soon go extinct. The southern snaketail dragonfly is found in Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana. Scientists, conservationists, and dragonfly experts classify the green dragonfly as “vulnerable.”

Pollution is the main factor in the rapid decrease of the dragonfly’s numbers. Mining, logging, and pesticides from runoff create water pollution that destroy the dragonfly’s larvae. Without healthy offspring, the dragonfly cannot hope to survive.

The southern snaketail dragonfly is just one of the more than 40 plant, animal, and insect species the Center for Biological Diversity is demanding protection for. Sign the petition to demand the federal government act immediately to classify the southern snaketail dragonfly as endangered, and demand the government award it all of the protections that come with such a title.


Dear Director Sheehan,

The Center for Biological Diversity has recently released a list of over 40 plant, animal, and insect species it believes deserve protection. The southern snaketail dragonfly, found in America’s south, is quickly facing extinction. Water pollution is killing its offspring, ensuring that the population cannot grow.

I demand action be taken now to preserve the future of this insect. Every living being, no matter its size, deserves a chance at survival. Classify the southern snaketail dragonfly as endangered and award it all of the privileges and protections such a title carries with it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: De terre

Don’t Destroy Beautiful National Park by Fracking for Oil

Target: Brian Steed, Deputy Director, Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Abandon plans to lease over 4,200 acres of land near a national park to oil and natural gas companies.

A beautiful national park in Arizona may soon be facing dangerous destruction at the hands of fracking. President Donald Trump has proposed auctioning off 4,200 acres of natural land for oil and gas fracking. The very little untouched natural world our country has left should be protected, not destroyed.

This proposed 4,200 acres of land is adjacent to the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park. The river is home to valuable groundwater that could be polluted, as well as endangered fish. Human and animal life is in danger.

Action must be taken now to protect our country’s endangered species and the habitats they call home. Sign the petition to demand Trump’s proposal be abandoned.


Dear Mr. Steed,

About 4,200 acres of beautiful habitat in Arizona are for sale to the highest bidder. A lush river and beautiful petrified forest will be destroyed if fracking comes within miles of the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park.

Fracking has been proven to pollute drinking water, cause illnesses for both humans and animals, deplete natural landscapes, lead to long-term economic bust after short-term booms, and even cause explosions. Do not allow one of America’s rich national parks and invaluable natural landscapes to be destroyed.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Diego Delso