Stop Sacrificing Public Health for Coal Industry Profits

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Prevent the EPA from rolling back Obama-era coal disposal regulations.

The Trump administration plans to roll back the regulations placed on the coal industry. This measure is being taken at the expense of both the environment and the U.S. population’s health. This move will push back the deadline to close ash dumps and allow state regulators to handle the massive waste piles in whatever dangerous ways they please.

The coal industry is not the one that the government should be aiding or enabling in any way. Coal is a fossil fuel, one of the most dangerous there is; coal plants in the United States produce roughly 100 tons of waste that leaks into the water supply as well as the air. According to the Waterkeeper Alliance, “the rules that were created in 2015 were already very much to the bare minimum” thanks to the administration’s thoughtlessness and selfish motives.

These plans will endanger millions of lives all to help an undeserving industry save some money. We cannot allow them to go through. Sign this petition to demand the EPA leave the coal regulations in place.


Dear Administrator Wheeler,

Your plans to aid the coal industry by rolling back the Obama-era coal disposal regulations are dangerous and unnecessary. Coal is one of the most dangerous fossil fuels, as the ashes from coal plants contaminate both the water and the air. People who live near coal plants are at great risk for various health complications due to this contamination. The coal industry does not need nor deserve financial aid.

Do not follow through on the Trump administration’s selfish plan. The lives and well-being of the population and the cleanliness of our water and air are more important than saving an undeserving industry some money. Do not push back the deadline for closing coal plants, and do not allow regulators to dispose of coal ash in unsafe ways.


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Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe

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