Save Our Waters From Phosphate Pollution

Target: The Right Honourable Michael Gove, United Kingdom DEFRA Secretary

Goal: Phase out the use of toxic phosphate fertilizers that are causing water pollution.

Phosphate-based plant fertilizers are contaminating the planet’s water supply, as well as boosting the growth of dangerous weeds such as stinging nettle. The overuse of these fertilizers is also partly responsible for the peril our oceans currently face, as rising phosphorus in the water is a cause of dangerous algae blooms that rob sea life and plants of precious oxygen. The weeds boosted by the chemicals grow rapidly as well, choking the life and stealing nutrients from more deserving plants. But overall, phosphate fertilizers are currently the most dangerous to our water supply, and could do severe harm to humans and animals who use and drink this water.

Phosphate fertilizers were once the most trusted in the growing of crops and plants, but their time is coming to a close. There are more ecologically friendly fertilizers available in this day and age. Sign this petition to demand the phasing out of phosphate fertilizers worldwide.


Dear Secretary Gove,

The use of phosphate fertilizers is becoming dangerous to the environment, particularly the planet’s water supply. Residue from these fertilizers is swept through the streams and the rivers, where it aids the growth of weeds that choke the life from more deserving plants. It is responsible for the algae blooms that rob sea life and plants of precious oxygen. It could do serious harm to humans and animals.

Phosphates are a dwindling resource, and there is no reason to keep them in use. While once the most easily accessible and relied-upon resource for farmers and gardeners, their days are coming to an end with the advent of more ecologically friendly fertilizers. You must call for an official phasing out of phosphates as soon as possible, to keep the water cleaner and to discourage the growth of dangerous weeds and algae blooms. The future of this planet depends on it.


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Photo Credit: Gary Eason

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