Stop Serving Shark Fin Soup at Restaurants and End the Slaughter of Endangered Sharks

Target: Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Protect the ocean’s sharks by banning the sale of shark fin soup in restaurants across the U.K.

Days after the world celebrated Shark Awareness Day, conservationists in the United Kingdom are hoping to also draw awareness to the fact that many restaurants across Great Britain continue to sell shark fin soup, which is considered to be a medicinal delicacy in several Asian cultures. Shark finning is a cruel practice that results in the unnecessary deaths of millions of sharks annually, and any purported health benefits of the soup have never been backed up by science.

The global impact of the shark finning trade is enormous, with marine life conservation group Bite-Back estimating that over 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins alone. This amounts to 200,000 sharks dying each day, or two every second. The shark finning practice is cruel in of itself, involving fishermen hacking the fins off of still-living sharks and tossing their bodies overboard, where they inevitably bleed to death.

This wasteful and barbaric practice is putting shark species at risk, which is harmful to ocean ecosystems as whole. If these apex predators become extinct, the entire marine food chain could collapse. Sign this petition to urge the United Kingdom to ban the sale of shark fin soup before it is too late.


Dear Prime Minister May,

Sharks worldwide are in grave danger due to the sale of shark fin soup, which is seen as a delicacy in certain Asian cultures. While some people claim the soup has medicinal properties, any purported health benefits have never been backed by scientific research. With over 70 million sharks dying annually to fuel the demand, we must act immediately to ban the sale of this soup, which is still sold in high-end restaurants across the U.K.

Large species of sharks that dwell in the open ocean, including hammerheads and tiger sharks, are especially imperiled by this wasteful practice. Over the past 50 years, the populations of these sharks have dropped by as much as 90 percent. Unless the sale of shark fin soup is brought to an end, it is very likely these species will go extinct. That is why we, the undersigned, demand that you call for a nationwide ban on shark fin soup across the United Kingdom.


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