Demand Poland Protect Its Threatened Species From Extinction

Target: Henryk Kowalczyk, Polish Minister of Environment

Goal: Do not allow hunters to target threatened species, including bison and elk.

Poland’s Minister of Environment, Henryk Kowalczyk, has come under fire for his recent remarks calling for the country to remove certain vulnerable species from the nation’s list of protected animals. In his own words, he feels that something must be done to address the “excessive sensitivity to animal protection” in his country, and would like to grant permits to hunters interested in killing beavers, bison, elk and more within Polish borders. We must oppose this action that would violate European Union (EU) laws and could threaten these creatures with extinction.

The minister’s words have angered environmentalists across Europe and worldwide, many of whom have drawn comparisons between Kowalcyzk’s rhetoric and Poland’s decision last year to log a pristine forest despite existing EU laws forbidding it. Many fear that Kowalczyk’s words will carry weight, and that he will go forward with his plans to weaken wildlife protection, especially on large herbivores like bison and elk that are known to cause occasional damage to crops.

Poland is home to a number of unique species found in few other places in Europe, including European bison and wild mink. A lack of consideration for their well-being could have dire effects on these creatures and all wildlife living in this Eastern European nation. Please sign the petition below to call on the Polish Minister of Environment to maintain current legal protection for all threatened species.


Dear Minister Kowalczyk,

I am writing to urge you not to weaken legal protection for threatened wildlife in your country, including bison and elk. While these large herbivorous creatures can cause damage to crops, these animals have disappeared from virtually all other parts of Europe and must be protected against hunters. If permits are issued for targeting these creatures, it is very likely they could be wiped out entirely.

Your government must comply with EU laws that restrict hunting these species, even when they can be “burdensome,” as another councilor you spoke with stated. I ask you to uphold these laws so that these remarkable and iconic creatures can continue to survive.


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Photo Credit: Pelnik

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