Stop Hunters From Killing Off Yellowstone’s Mountain Lions

Target: Mark Anselmi, Wyoming Fish and Game Commissioner

Goal: Protect mountain lions living in the Greater Yellowstone region by enforcing stricter hunting restrictions.

Yellowstone’s mountain lions are in danger. A new study shows that while wolves have made a significant rebound in numbers in Yellowstone National Park since the 1990s, the same cannot be said for the mountain lions who also reside in the area. The report shows that as the wolves’ numbers have grown, increased competition for prey combined with pressure from hunters have made it difficult for the wild cats to survive.

Researchers have concluded that mountain lions are dying off in the Greater Yellowstone region, largely due to hunters who target them directly or who take down hundreds of elk and other herbivores that the cats rely on for food. In fact, hunting was shown to be the single leading cause of death for adult cats in the years since 2002, when the study began.

Wyoming Fish and Game must intervene to ensure that wolves and mountain lions can coexist side by side as they have for thousands of years. Sign this petition to urge officials to do more to protect mountain lions within the park and statewide.


Dear Commissioner Anselmi,

Wyoming Fish and Game has made enormous strides to help ensure the successful reintroduction of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone region. While these measures have resulted in increasing numbers of wolf packs throughout the state, mountain lions have struggled as hunters continue to target them in large numbers, along with the prey animals they depend upon. The Jackson Elk Herd in particular has been shown to be an important source of food for these cats, and must be more carefully managed so that both wolves and mountain lions have enough to eat year-round.

For the good of all wildlife living in Yellowstone National Park and throughout Wyoming, we urge you to enforce stricter hunting limits on both elk and mountain lions. Please do not allow hunters to greedily take more than can support these predators or target this declining cat population. Mountain lions need our help, and we are counting on you to do what you can to help support their long-term survival.


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Photo Credit: National Park Service

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