Support Genetic Research to Save Koalas

Target: The Right Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Support the use of genetic map studies and vaccine development to save dying koala population.

The discovery of a new genetic map could save the critically endangered koala bear population of Australia. For years, koalas have been falling victim to chlamydia as it weakens their immune system and leads to blindness and infertility. Those who do not die of the disease are rendered unable to reproduce and rebuild their numbers.

This genetic map delves into the species’ diet and how it ties into the chlamydia crisis. Koalas subsist on toxic eucalyptus leaves, thus needing a strong immune system to balance out the toxins. Such research could lead to much-needed vaccinations of koalas everywhere. A better understanding of a species’ genetics means better medicine tailored to protect against health risks and to treat existing problems, and koalas are no exception. The population has dropped alarmingly in the past few years due to the chlamydia outbreak alone.

We must throw all of our support into this research to ensure that it progresses to the point where the ideal vaccination can be created. Sign this petition to demand the government of Australia fund this endeavor to save its iconic marsupial.


Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

Scientists have discovered a genetic blueprint that could save the remaining koala population from extinction. For years, the species has fallen victim to chlamydia, which weakens their immune system. This is extremely dangerous as the species subsists on toxic eucalyptus leaves. Any survivors are left blind and infertile for the rest of their shortened lives. This new research could put an end to these dangers, as it would allow scientists to create the ideal vaccine.

This endeavor needs all the support and funding possible. Koalas are an iconic species that the world cannot afford to lose, and they deserve to life a life free of painful disease and lasting health complications. Support the scientists’ and conservationists’ efforts to create vaccines for koalas, and put an end to the chlamydia epidemic.


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Photo Credit: Erik Veland

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