Protect Rare Cuckoo Bird from Extinction

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect yellow-billed cuckoo bird from extinction at the hands of habitat loss.

A rare cuckoo bird may soon be taken off the endangered species list. Ranchers and miners have filed suit, demanding the yellow-billed cuckoo bird be removed. Sign the petition to ask that the bird, rapidly disappearing from our nation’s forests, be protected.

The bird plays an important role in the ecosystem. It preys on some insects and other small animals, controlling their populations. However, the birds have all but disappeared in the western part of the United States as their habitats have been destroyed by land clearing and development.

Sign the petition to demand that the bird remain on the endangered species list. The yellow-billed cuckoo bird must be protected, not abandoned.


Dear Mr. Sheehan,

Ranchers and miners have filed suit, demanding that the yellow-billed cuckoo be removed from the federal endangered species list. However, this bird matches the very definition of endangered. It has virtually vanished from the American West due to habitat loss and development.

To remove this species from the federal list will ensure its extinction. I demand you keep the yellow-billed cuckoo on the endangered species list.


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Photo Credit: National Park Service

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