Stop Mutilation of Alligators in Florida

Target: Bo Rivard, Commissioner of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Goal: Stop alligator mutilation and strengthen protection of the species.

A rash of alligator killings is being investigated in Tampa, Florida, following the discovery of many decapitated, tail-less alligator corpses on the side of a highway. The most likely cause of their deaths is poaching. The tails may have been taken for their meat and the heads as trophies by hunters. A pair of investigations is currently ongoing.

It is a felony to harm alligators in Florida. The species has long been poached for both its meat and its hide, as alligator purses, shoes, and belts have been popular in the past. It was only in 1973 that alligators were legally declared endangered. Unfortunately, the law has not stopped hunters and poachers, and this current wave of alligator slaughter is proof. Not only is the unknown culprit breaking an important law, but they are taking the lives of innocent animals. Alligators are an important part of Florida’s ecosystem and heritage.

We must not only support these investigations, but ensure that the culprits face justice as soon as they are caught. Additionally, we must call for stronger protection laws to ensure that no more alligators meet such a fate. Sign this petition to put a stop to these horrible mutilations.


Dear Commissioner Rivard,

The decapitated, tail-less corpses of several alligators have been found on the side of a Tampa highway recently, despite the laws of your state forbidding any harm toward an alligator due to their status as endangered. Though the investigations have yet to turn up any clues as to who the culprit is, it is all too possible that hunters and poachers are seeing fit to break the law for their own benefits.

You must tighten the regulations regarding the treatment of this species. Too many endangered species are under attack recently, despite every effort to keep them safe, and alligators are an important part of Florida’s ecosystem and heritage. Additionally, the culprits must face justice as soon as they are found, so that no more alligators will suffer such horrific fates.


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Photo Credit: Gareth Rasberry

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