Snapple: Stop Harming the Environment With Plastic Bottles

Target: Larry D. Young, CEO of the Snapple/Dr. Pepper Group

Goal: Demand Snapple company stop their use of plastic bottles.

In the last year, Snapple has replaced their signature glass bottles with plastic ones. While this may be convenient for consumers who prefer unbreakable bottles, it is the exact opposite for the environment and wild animals. Plastic is one of the leading causes of wildlife deaths and illnesses; microscopic bits of the material find their way into the water and grass from which animals feed, leading to their ingestion of these bits.

Snapple, a company that has often prided itself on being in tune with nature, is contributing to this problem with their switch from ecologically-friendly glass to plastic bottles. Their use of plastic not only goes against their eco-friendly image, but is completely unnecessary. Not only because it harms wildlife, but many consumers in the past have claimed Snapple’s products taste better coming from glass bottles rather than plastic.

There is absolutely no advantage to using plastic bottles over glass bottles, and Snapple must realize this and return to their exclusive use of glass, for the sake of both customer satisfaction and to put a stop to wildlife deaths via plastic ingestion. Sign this petition to demand Snapple stop their use of plastic bottles.


Dear Mr. Young,

Your company’s recent replacement of glass bottles is unacceptable. Snapple has always given the image of being in tune with nature and the environment, and plastic bottles go against that image. Not only have consumers claimed to prefer the taste of your product coming from glass bottles, but plastic pollution is one of the leading killers of wildlife. Animals either die of poisoning after ingesting microscopic bits of plastic, or choke on larger pieces carelessly thrown away by consumers.

You must stop your use of plastic bottles entirely. Excessive plastic is not good for wildlife, and nothing is gained from changing the materials used to contain your products. Glass bottles are safer for the environment, preferred by consumers, and plastic is not that much more convenient despite being unbreakable. Please fall in line with your company’s eco-friendly image and reputation, and switch back to glass.


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