Congratulate Minneapolis on Choosing 100% Clean Energy

Target: Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis

Goal: Congratulate Minneapolis on being one of the biggest cities in the world to unanimously voting in clean energy.

The city council in Minneapolis celebrated a huge victory in progress with their most recent unanimous vote to commit the city to clean, renewable energy by 2030. Part of the city’s commitment include a passage on reversing past negative effects of environmental program on lower income areas: “The City Coordinator’s Office blueprint shall also include strategies ‘to ensure that all consumers, especially those who have been left out of the benefits of energy programs in the past, communities of color, low-income communities, renters, and communities that have borne the brunt of past environmental racism, receive equitable benefit from this transition.”

This commitment is exactly the sort of step this country needs to take if we ever wish to reverse the serious damage done by climate-ignoring politicians of the past. Minneapolis is a landmark example of the sort of victories we need to move this country forward and truly make America great. Sign the petition below to encourage more victories like this.


Dear Mayor Frey,

Thank you for everything you have done to commit yourself to clean energy and transparent accountability as the leader of Minneapolis. So far, the country has been incredibly impressed with your abilities as mayor to lead the city in the right direction.

Please continue making decisions as radical and remarkable as this one, so that we may stand a chance to counteract the harm done by our past politicians. Thank you for your commitment to environmental justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: August Schwerdfeger

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