Applaud Greenpeace for Parting Ways with Major Offender of Deforestation

Target: Bunny McDiarmid, Executive Director of Greenpeace

Goal: Thank Greenpeace for holding true to its values and splitting ways with a major company behind rampant deforestation.

Greenpeace has split ways with Sinar Mas Group, an Indonesian corporation responsible for rampant rainforest deforestation. Greenpeace has held true to its morals and values by ending a partnership with a company that has destroyed dozens of square miles of forest.

Sinar Mas Group, parent company of the paper company Asia Pulp & Paper, destroyed roughly 30 square miles of rainforest and peatland in only five years. This is roughly the size of Washington, D.C. These actions blatantly violate Greenpeace and Sinar Mas Group’s agreement to end deforestation.

Sign the petition to thank Greenpeace for holding firm to its morals and ask that Greenpeace continue to only partner with companies that hold the interests, future, and sustainability of our planet in mind.


Dear Ms. McDiarmid,

Thank you for parting ways with Sinar Mas Group and its sub-company Asia Pulp & Paper. This company has contributed to rampant deforestation, clearing areas of rainforest and peatland roughly the size of Washington, D.C.

Your organization has stood firm alongside its morals, ending engagement with the company for blatantly breaking its commitment to a sustainable future. I thank you for your immediate actions and I ask that your organization continue to value its moral stance over what could be lucrative partnerships.


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Photo Credit: Jami Dwyer

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